Forever us *A Justin Bieber fan fiction*

A young girl named Emily has a dream in becoming a fashion stylist in the USA. What happens when Scott Braun is the one who helps her dream come true. Emily hates Justin at first but then she decides to give him a chance. They became friends but what happens when they start to fall for each other ??


6. shopping

EMILY'S POV: We finished our breakfast and uncle daniel went out. I went in alex's bedroom and sat by the window looking out. It was a nice place here. The view was a huge lake and a small forest. I just sat there and started thinking about myself and how will my life be in the usa. Will it turn out good or bad ? Will i live in a good place with good people or not ? I just hope it will all turn up amazing. Alex came in the room Alex:I can't wait to go back to the usa. I want you to meet the guy i'm crazily in love with. Me:You didn't tell me you have a boyfriend !! Alex: i don't have a boyfriend. But there is one guy and he stole my heart. The thing is that I love him sooo much but he will never love me back. He works in one of my dad's factories his name is joe and he's sooo cute. He's just a normal employe and we barely see each other. But there was this one time when I was supervising his work and when he looked in my eyes i just felt in love with him. But i don't know he will never. Me:awwwww you're sooo lucky. I never felt in love and i'm not looking up for it. It seems lots of emotions and pain if you got rejected. And i know i will never fall in love Because no boy deserves my love. Alex:We'll see. Emily our life together has just started and when the day will come and when you fall in love i'll be there telling "I told you so" because now i'm telling you that you will fall in love. Me: hahahaha okay. She went to her closet and tooked out a skinny jeans and a shirt and she throwed them at me. Alex:Go get ready we are going shopping now !! Me:okay. I wored these cloth and just putted on the same heels as yesterday night. And i waited for alex who came wearing a cute mini yellow dress. We went to her car and she drove us to the mall. Me:since when do you drive ? Alex: well ever since i was only 16 in the usa it's legal and you ? Me:oh i got an international driver license on my 18 birthday. Alex:Oh and do you have a car ? Me:No i don't. Alex: well in the usa you can borow one of my cars if you ever need it. Me:Awwww thank you. Alex: you're welcome. We arrived to the mall and we got in. Our shopping trip just started. We went in and out of stores and we bought something from each one them. After about 2 hours and a half we finished and got back home. Alex parcked the car and called a maid to help us with our bags since we bought lots of stuff really lots of stuff. Me:Thank you for paying for all of these i'm really really embarced right now. Alex:Emily no need to thank us. You are a part of the stone family now even if your last name is diffrent. Me: awwwww i'm really happy. I went to see what i bought again. 6 dresses 7 skinny jeans 11 pair of shoes 12 t-shirts 3 coats 5 shorts 4 tank tops 10 pj's 15 panties and 15 matching bras 6 purses. Some make-up and hair accessories and some earings and necklaces and rings. I had a new closet. Me: woow we sure bought lots of cloth. Alex: yupsies. Now we have to get you a suit case and some traveling bags and you're new life will begin. Me: i'm thankful right now. Alex: me too. Thanks god i finaly have a sister but an unbiological sister. Me: and i have one too. Alex: i'm going to give you some suit cases. You're going to put your cloth there. Me: okay She went out of the room and came back in with some hot suit cases in her hands. Alex: here you go. She gave me a big zebra straped suit case. A smaller one that was fushia. And a flashy green make-up & accessories traveling bag. Me: woow these are amazing cases the one i have at home is only black and boring. Alex: hahahaha now you have a new one. You don't have to go home anymore in 2 days we're traveling. Me:No i have to go today because i left my money there. We can go now there's no one at home. Alex: okay lets go. We went in the car and I told her which way to go. When we arrived I told her to come with me. And she did we went in the building my home was in and we went in the apartment. No one was there great. Me: i'm not going to miss this place. Alex: why ? Me: in this house i heard the word i hate you and i don't care about you from my mom. Here my sted-dad used to hit me and slap me soo hard sometimes my nose bleeds. I used to cut in this bathroom and i used to cry in this corner. I have no good memorie in this house. Alex: i'm sure you don't. Now go get your money and lets go. Me: okay. We went in my room and alex was surprised. Me: i know it's too small but i couldn't ask for more. I opened my closet and tooked the box where i keep my money i opened it to see if it was still there and it was. Me:okay i have it lets go. Alex: don't you wanna take anything with you ? Me: well my make-up bag because the caust me alot and my skateboard. I tooked them and before we went out alex talked. Alex: i meant an photo album or anything ? Me: i don't have any. Tears came out of my eyes. Alex: i'm sooo sorry. Just forget about my question. Me: no it's okay. Can we go now ? Alex: sure. Lets go to KFC's to eat lunch. Me: sure but let me pay. Alex: okay you can pay Me: yayyyy. The ride was really silent. And when we got there we ordered our food and when it came we ate it. We then went back home and it was already 7pm. Uncle daniel was at home. We sat arround a table and played some games with cards and gummy bears instead of real money. Uncle daniel won but he shared the candy with us. It was funny. Uncle dani: welcome to your new home emily. Me: thank you uncle daniel He looked at me smiled. When we finished our games it was 10 i got in a pj and went to bed. Tomorow was my last day of work in england at the fashion show. And on sunday i'm going to leave the uk and go to the usa. Oh yeah baby.
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