Forever us *A Justin Bieber fan fiction*

A young girl named Emily has a dream in becoming a fashion stylist in the USA. What happens when Scott Braun is the one who helps her dream come true. Emily hates Justin at first but then she decides to give him a chance. They became friends but what happens when they start to fall for each other ??


4. my un biological sister

We went and sat on a table on the balcony of the restaurant it was empty and quiet.

Alex:Tell me about yourself emi. Me:Well i'm 18 and i live with my mom and a step-dad and his 2 daughters. I work hard to get money to pay for myself. I graduated high school and i was only 16 and i started to work a mister adam's fashion company. I have no friends i didn't make any in school. But i'm good. Alex:Oh! Well i'm 18 too and i live with my dad in usa I have no brother or sister and my mom died when she was giving birth to me. I have no friends too because i'm home schooled and i live all alone in a big house. That's why i was really exited because your staying with us for a while. Me:awwww !! And i'm sorry about your mom. My dad left me when i was born too. And i'm an american girl but i live here because of my step-dad and i have no brother or sisters too  Alex: Well !! But now you do. Me:Really ?!?! Who ?! Alex:Me silly. I mean we can be friends and even sisters even if we're not from the same parents. Unbiological sisters. Me:alex i would love to. Alex:Well i'm happy you're comming to live with us now.  Me:Me too really.  Alex:Thank you. Now lets order food. Me:OMG finaly i get to have a sister.  We orderd our food and it came about 30 mins later. Alex: it will be sooo cool. We will share cloth. And tell each other secrets and talk about boys even stalk them when we go out. Me: we can even go eat chocolat and ice cream when we're on our periodes Alex:OMG that's something i always wanted to do. Me:Me too in fact i'm thinking about going tomorow because i'm on my periodes  Alex:OMG me too. Me:It's like we are long lost twins. Alex: i know right ??!! Me:totaly. Alex:can you sleep at my place tonight i wanna know more about you. Me:I have work tomorow and i don't think that adam will let me not go. Alex:I'll tell dad to talk to him. Pleace accept. Me:Fine. I'll just have to call my mom. Alex: call her now. I went out of my seet and to the boreder of the balcony the view was amazing. I tooked my phone and called mom. Me:Mom can i stay at a friends tonight? Mom:Do what ever you want i don't care ! Just stop calling me when you wanna tell me something you enoy me. She hunged up the phone. Tears started running down my eyes. Why ? Why did I have to get her as my mom why ? Alex wasn't in her seet so i just stood there watching the view while crying my eyes out. Then i felt someone hugging me from behind it was alex. Alex:What's wrong emy ? Me:Nothing Alex:You can tell me anything and you can just talk with me when you need me. Just talk your problemes out. You can trust me your secrets are safe with me. Me: my mom doesn't care about me. She say that she hates me. And she treats her husband's kids better than me and i'm her own child. No one ever cared about me and i know it since i don't know lots of people. I never found love and no one loved me and no one will. I hate everything about my life. My dream was to go to the usa my home-country to restart a life there away of my mom and everybody. Just succeed in what i love to do. Matching cloth and designing. Alex:It's okay in 1 week you're going to be in usa away of everyone that hurted you. Emily I promise that i will never hurt you. Just leave your memories here and it will be okay.  Me:Thank you alex. I know that i only know you for 2 hours but it feels like i know you from years. Alex:me too. So what did your mom say ? Me:That i can do what ever i want. And that she don't care. Alex:well lets leave now before dad and we'll go to my place. Dad talked to adam and he's letting you not come tomorow and he will pay you even if you didn't work Me:okay lets go. I went and said goodbye and we went to alex's car she had a driver so she sat next to me.  Alex:Are you 18 turning 19 soon ?  Me:Yeah i'm turning 19 next month. Alex:No waaay me too. Me: stop are you kidding me ??!! Alex:No it's even on the first Sunday. Me: really???? Alex:What don't tell me that you too. Me: no but mine is on the first Saturday.  Alex:OMG noooo freaking way !!!! Me: yeah way !!! Alex:Ahhhhhh !!! We can have one party to celebrate our 19th bday. Me:It will be AMAZING.  Alex:Totaly. Me:Oh i have no P.J to sleep.  Alex:It's okay i'll give you something from my P.Js Me: what size are you ? X-small or small.  Alex:Both and you ? Me: well it's not surprising but me too. Alex: hahah i'm soo glade i met you. Me:And i am too. For once i'm super happy in my life. The same family that's making my dream come true is now the best family ever. 
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