Forever us *A Justin Bieber fan fiction*

A young girl named Emily has a dream in becoming a fashion stylist in the USA. What happens when Scott Braun is the one who helps her dream come true. Emily hates Justin at first but then she decides to give him a chance. They became friends but what happens when they start to fall for each other ??


3. chap.2

It was thursday morning i woked up. Maria and charlatte were getting ready for school and I was getting ready for work. I had no uniform i just wored anything i want. Today was a sunny day so i just wored some shorts and a t-shirt. I wored a converse shoes and tooked my purse. I went to the kitchen and I saw my step-dad and his 2 daughters sitting arround the talbe eating.

Marie:LOL look who showed up. Me:shut up marie. Charlotte:Don't talk to her like that. Me:What ever !! I said as I tooked an apple and went out of the house. I go to work sometimes by taxi and sometimes by skateboard i love skateboarding. So this morning I tooked my skateboard and started riding it to work. It wasn't really far only a few blocks away from where i lived. I saw our neighbor. "Good morning paul" i said waving my hand. "Hello Emily". In about 20 mns I arrived at work and went staightly to adam's office. Me: goodmorning mister. Adam:good morning Emily. How are you today ?  Me:I'm fine thank you.  Adam: listen Emily tonight we have a dinner with the fashion center and you have to come with me because you're my assistant. Me:Oh sure but what hour do i have to be ready because today i have lots to do ? Adam:Oh you can leave at 6 today and be ready. I'll come and pick you up at 7 okay ? Me:Okay do I have to wear something formal ? Adam:Yes but not too formal. A simple dress would do it. Me:okay. I sat on my desk and it was in the same room as adam's and i was thinking about usa when adam interupted my thoughts. Adam: Emily I wanted to tell you something about your dream in going to the usa. Me:Oh alright. Adam: I didn't find you a job myself but one of the family's close friends did. Me:Oh please tell me that it's a good thing. Adam:Yes it is really. My dad's friend have lots of friends in the usa and he can help you. I told him that you're going there at the end of this month. And he's going to let you stay at his place for a while untill you can stay on you own. Omg i'm sooo happy. I stood up and went to hug adam I hugged him and he hugged me back. Me:Thank you thank you thank you. Omg I'm sooo happy. And when i realized it's my boss i'm hugging I stopen hugging him. Me:Oh sorry i just got too much exited. Adam:It's okay. When you leave working here you're going to be my friend so just treat me like your friend now. And you can call me adam. Me: thank you Adam U'll be the best friend ever. Adam:Thank you Emily. Me:You're welcome. I went and tooked the file i was working on. It was about the summer collection the company was going to model in the fashion show this month. There was some cute outfits and some where déja vue. I got up and gave the designs to adam so he can see which ones i accepted.  *at 5:45pm* I was still working on the file drawing some outfits that I dream to own but can't. I heared the door opening and i knew it was adam because he's the only one that comes in that office. Adam: Emily what are you doing ? Me:Oh just drawing some outfits. Adam:I thought that we already chose them. Me:No these are my own imagenary ones that i dream about to own. I was drawing a purple short dress is skinny on the breast part and puffy at the rest. I always dreamed to have one like these but every time I find one it's always too expensive. Adam:It's beautiful. Me:Thank you that's why i dream about owning it.  Adam:well someday you will. Now go home and get dressed it's already 6. I got my stuff and tooked my skateboard and went back home. My mom was already there. She was sitting in Robert's arms and they were kissing. Ewwwwww. Mom:why are you home that early ? You ain't gonna have any pocket money unless it's your salary. Me:I know only the other 2 get their's from you guys but i am home because i have a work dinner tonight and i wanna get ready. Mom:Yeah what ever ! Just go. I got in my room and searched for something to wear. I found a light blue short dress that my neighbor gave me last yeat but i never wored it sooo i desided to wear it. I putted on some white high heels and some light colored make-up and just left my naturaly curled hair free on my shoulders. I think i'm good to go. I looked at the clock and it was already 7:05pm. My phone started ringing it was Adam. Me:Helloo Adam:I'm waiting for you infront of the building come. Me:okay i'll be right there. I said bye to my mom but she didn't answer back so i just left the hous and went down where I saw adam in his fancy car waiting for me. I got in the car next to adam in the front passenger seet and he drived. Me:Sorry i was late. Adam:No it's okay. You look beautiful Me:thank you. Adam:You remeber the man I told you about the one that volenteered to help you in the usa ? Mister. Daniel stone Me:Yeah of course i do. Adam:He's going to be there today with his daughter. He wants to meet you in person. Me:oh okay that's not bad. Adam:i know i'm just saying. The car trip to the restaurant where the dinner was going to be was silent untill we arrived there. The restaurant was huge and really nice. We went inside and we sat on a table where about 5 busness men where sitting and a girl that looked like she was 18. I bet she's mister daniel's daughter.  I was sitting next to her she was calm. And then she talked to me. "Hey my name is alexandra but you can call me alex" she said. Me: nice to meet you alex. I'm Emily but you can call me emy. Alex:Oh you're the girl that's going to stay with us in the usa ? Me:Yes. You must be daniel stone's daughter. Alex:I am. She turned to the man next her and told him "daddy this is Emily the girl that will stay with us" the man looked at me and smiled "well nice to meet you darling" he told me "it's my honor sir" i replyed "alex you can go sit with Emily on an other table alone so you can meet her. I'll pay" he told alex giving her a card. "Okay daddy. Lets go Emily"
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