Forever us *A Justin Bieber fan fiction*

A young girl named Emily has a dream in becoming a fashion stylist in the USA. What happens when Scott Braun is the one who helps her dream come true. Emily hates Justin at first but then she decides to give him a chance. They became friends but what happens when they start to fall for each other ??


2. about Emily

Hey !! My name is Emily Stewart but you can call me Emi. I'm 18 years old and i live in England. I have no sisters or brothers. And my parents are divorced. I have a step-dad his name is robert and he have 2 daughters marie and charlotte they are twins. I hate them both they are 17 years old and I live with them in one hous. My dad left me a long time ago and travelled to a far country in asia all he gave me is the american nationalty since he was from there. My mom victoria is really mean with me and she kind of hates me sometimes. I graduated school early because i'm smart and I work in a cloth designing company a full time job to earn money. I have a dream in going to the usa to live there and continue my career as a fashion designer. I love music in fact i play guitar piano and drums. I learned to play by myself but i'm good at it. I also love to sing and dance. But i keep these talents for myself. I'm single and only have a few friends.

If you wanna know how i look I'm 5'7 feets tall i have brown hair and hazel eyes. And i have a nice body, a flat tummy skinny legs and some curves on my booty and boobs. My life isn't that perfect but i try to enjoy every part of it. At the cloth designing company I am the assistant of the president i don't do much just accepting on some designs or rejecting them. But since it's an important company here if i did a great job my presidant promised to help me to find a nice job in the usa. He knows about my family and how my mom treats me so he helps me alot. And i couldn't be more greatful to have him as my boss. I worked from mondays to saturdays and my day begins from 8am till 9/10pm. But i'm good payed and being the presidants assistant is an important place. I've been working here for allmost 2 year I started as a normal employe and now I'm where I am. With my salary i don't go out shopping or celebrating alot I keep it in a box so i have enough money to start a life on my own in usa. And I've got about 10,000$ till now and that's good. Because at the end of this month as promised my boss is going to talk to one of his friends there to hire me as a fashing designer. Because there is a fashion show soon and i have to stay till it's over. I'm soo exited. It have been my dream since i was only 10 yrs old and maybe it will finaly come true. If your wondering about my friends I do have some but they are not close friends. They are older and they are you can say job buddies. They are only 4 a girl and 3 boys.   she's 22. Micheal 24 yrs old William 23 yrs old and finaly my boss his name is adam and he's only 28 years old. He became the owner of this company ever since his dad died 3 years ago.
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