Fighting for....

Abby is fifteen. Her twin sister and her are toatally different. Their alaways fighting with each other. But what happens when fighting over simple stuff starts to become more serious...


11. The fun has begun

Abbys POV.

I got up to a good morning text from Justin I replied ‘You too’. And then went to get dressed I wore a over sized white t-shirt. And faded jeans. I smiled at the thought that theres no school today. I went to get my tshirt and started writing the letters. When it was done it looked awesome! I tried it on it fit perfectly then there was a knock on my door. I hastily took of my tshirt and hid it under my covers I took out my phone and sat on my bed “Come in” I called.

“Hey” Allie walked in.

“Hi” I mumbled.

“Your still mad at me?” She asked.

“No, I moved on” I said.

“Oh” She said quietly.

“So are you going to take pictures tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah I’ll try and I’m really sorry just Veronica and and uh- an- and-“ She started to stutter.

“Don’t worry about it I guess I would do that if I had a friend” I said looking at my instagram.

“Look Abs I-“

“Just its fine right? This is my life I have a popular twin sister, We have the same face same body same styles yet shes always the better one.” I paused “I got used to my life y’know” I said looking at her “Im used to being left out of things at being bullied at being a talented loser” I finished. Allie was looking down,

“Im sorry for everything Abs” She said before walking out of the room but I saw a tear on her cheek.

A Few Hours Later***********************

I slipped into the shower, my back soaking up the water. I washed my hair and body and climbed out. I slipped on my jeans and tie dye shirt. I looked into the mirror I put on some rouge. And applied a lil eyeliner and mascara. For the last part I put on some light pink lip gloss. I never wear a lot of makeup. Never.

I slipped on my white converse and got my bag then I realized Allie will see my shirt. So I got my addidas jacket and covered it up. I quickly fixed my curls nicely. So they looked amazing. I went upstairs,

“Where are you going hun?” My Mom asked.

“Uhm a restaurant with a friend” I lied

“And whos that?” My Mom asked. I quickly thought of a nice girl in my class,

“Lanie” I said simply.

“Well have fun”

I will oh I WILL! I thought “Ok bye”

“Bye hun”

I rushed outside and called a taxi. I got in and I told him to head to the arena. On the drive to the parking spaces all the directioners yelled at eachother.

A girl with blonde hair had her window open like me

“like everytime we tou-ou-ch

You get this kinda ru-u-ush

Baby say yeah a yeah a yeah

Yeah a yeah

And let me kiss you!”
We both screamed. Everyone was just going crazy and screaming song. Night to remember. Check! I finally got through the mob of girls I made my way to the stadium. I looked around wide eyed. And then 5SOS came out.

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