Fighting for....

Abby is fifteen. Her twin sister and her are toatally different. Their alaways fighting with each other. But what happens when fighting over simple stuff starts to become more serious...


7. Thanks

Abbys POV.

I opened up my eyes slowly awaking from my slumber. I checked my iphone for the time and realized that I had to get up for school. I put on a hot pink tank top and a white see through top over. Then I put on hot pink skinny jeans and pink converse. I fixed my curls and applied just a little makeup. I walked upstairs to eat something. When I walked into the kitchen Allie was sitting there eating her cereal slowly. I took out my phone and quickly set the picture of me and Justin as my wallpaper. I smiled and put myself some cereal. I sat down and she looked up at me. Something I never saw before was glistening in her eyes. It wasn’t only jealousy and anger but it hurt was visible and sadness. Something I never ever saw before.

Allies POV.

Ok I admit it. Im a little sad. I love Justin Bieber so much like so so much. I wanted to make Abby jealous I don’t know why so I got tickets in the front row. But now she met my idol. Nice one Allie. When I saw that picture of her and Justin Justins arm around her a huge smile etched on his face. I actually cried. I was hurt that Abby didn’t bring me. But I wouldn’t bring myself either If I was her. I admit I was cruel when it came to the One Direction ticket thing. I knew that was one thing she loved. Sometimes I actually felt bad for her she was my sister. There was times in school in the hall I would walk by with my friends and see her getting bullied. There was nothing I could do about it. But she didn’t have not one friend. Nobody thinks she has talent but I know she has talent with her music. I like music but Abs like Loves I mean LOVES music. And she could sing too really good. She also has a songbook that nobody is allowed to look in but I bet her songs are great. She could also play piano and guitar. I cant but I am really smart and a really good athlete I also am a great artist. But shes not horrible at anything. Poor Abby.

Abbys POV.

I walked the halls of school hoping no one would see me.

“Hey Abby” I looked over to see Bret. The biggest bully that ever lived. This should be good.

“I like your pants there pretty good for something from the dumpster” he snorted.  I looked down.

“Hey!” A familiar voice called. Not again.

I looked up to see Allie.

“Don’t bother her Bret at least she could change her gorgeous jeans, But you could  never change that awful face of yours from the dumpster.” Allie yelled at him.

The crowd that gathered interrupted with a bunch of “Oooohs”.

Bret just walked away.

“Cmon Abby” Allie said to me.

“Wait Allie,”

“Yeah” She turned to look at me.


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