Fighting for....

Abby is fifteen. Her twin sister and her are toatally different. Their alaways fighting with each other. But what happens when fighting over simple stuff starts to become more serious...


1. Meet the characters

Meet the characters

Main Characters

Abby Johnson- A fifteen year old girl with brown curly hair and blue eyes. She gets bullied and everyone calls her talentless while shes an amazing with music and other things. Her twin sister is Allie Johnson and they don’t get along so well. She loves One Direction

Allie Johnson- A fifteen year old girl with brown curly hair that is usually straightened and blue eyes. Shes really popular and the whole school thinks shes really talented. She has a twin sister Abby. She loves Justin Bieber.

Veronica Black- A spunky girl with bright green eyes and wavy beautiful blonde hair. She is an amazing artist and want to become a fashion designer. Her best friend Is Allie Johnson. She loves One direction.

Harry Styles- A curly haired nineteen year old boy part of the world famous boyband- One Direction.  His Bright green eyes and dimples is what makes girls faint. His best friends are Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn.

Justin Bieber- Soft hair and brown eyes. He is world famous. Friend to Abby Johnson.

Backround Characters

Bret Davids- School bully. On the football team all the girls love him, except Abby. Hes constantly bullying Abby and so is everyone else.

Jacob Johnson- Abbys adorable 5 year old brother.Blonde hair and brown eyes and tiny cheeks. Abby loves him so much!
Kierra Johnson- Abbys ten year old sis is hardly ever around. Shes always out with her best friends Diana and Sierra. She is a huge fan of One Direction. Louis is her favorite.

Micheal Johnson- Brown hair and brown eyes and away at college. Micheal is Abbys older brother that is 20. Hes hardly ever home.

Niall Horan- Blonde haired with sea blue eyes, Is one Of Harry Styles hot bandmates. From Mullingar, Ireland. Niall is obsessed with food.

Zayn Malik- Dark hair and and brown twinkling eyes make girls go crazy! That’s Zayn! Part of One Direction. Zayns girlfriend is Perrie Edwards.

Liam Payne: His brown hair and chocolate eyes melt your heart. Famous with his fellow bandmates. Liam is kind and sensible.

Louis Tomlinson: Brown hair and blue-green eyes. Louis Tomlinson has everyone rolling on the floor with laughter! Fuuny and cute its obvious why hes so famous.  Louis girlfriend Is Eleanor J. Calder. Louis has an obsession with carrots.


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