Fighting for....

Abby is fifteen. Her twin sister and her are toatally different. Their alaways fighting with each other. But what happens when fighting over simple stuff starts to become more serious...


5. JB

Abbys POV.

Tonight was the Justin Bieber concert. I walked into the bathroom next to my new room I’m not sleeping in my other one. I turned on the water taking my clothes off and then getting in  the warm water. I let it fall down my back. Water droplets brushing past my hair. I washed my hair and body and got out taking in the warmth of the blue towel. I loved blue it was gorgeous. I got dressed in my clothes. Bright blue skinny jeans with a blue off the shoulder sparkly top. I let my perfectly curly hair fall down my shoulders and started to apply some eyeliner. I brushed mascara to my lashes and put some rouge on  making my cheeks a beautiful pink. I put on a tiny bit of blue shadow and a little cover up. I don’t like to wear Barbie makeup even now I’m wearing a bit too much. I got my blue sparkly bag and put some stuff in. I looked in the mirror one last time before going downstairs and waiting for the taxi. I met Allie on the way down. She gave me the dirtiest look I saw in my whole life.

“Have fun at the concert!” She said sarcastically before giggling cruelly and returning up the stairs. Weirdo.

I walked into the taxi settling down on the black seats. I told the driver where to go and we started off. I looked at the tickets in my hand. I didn’t even realize that I will have to listen to Justin Bieber music the whole night. I leaned back in my seat sighing I only knew like five of his songs. Oh well! I arrived at the arena paying the taxi driver and making my way in through the crowd of girls. I showed the man my tickets and made my way to the stadium. Millions of seats passed by me as I made my way to the front. Omg! Justin Bieber I like love him so much maybe he’ll look at me. I thought in my head sarcastically. I waited like a half an hour before girls started to screech so loud I thought I’ll go deaf. Ok then. I just stood there while I saw him come out.

“Hello everyone” He said, The girls screeched even louder if that was possible.

“How is everyone tonight?” He asked more screaming escaped the mouths of fans.

He sang a few songs I might of heard somewhere and then he sang ‘As long as you love me’. At least I knew that one. By the time it was over I sighed with relief, Before remembering backstage passes.

I got in backstage.

“Hello” Justin said as I walked in.

“Hi” I gulped.

“Whats your name”

“Its Abby, Abby Johnson”

“I love the name Abby but tell me Abby are you a fan?”

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and shuffled my feet.
“Um” I said slowly.

He chuckled “You don’t have to be a fan but why would you come if your not?”

“Well you see Justin I don’t want you to think I have something against you I think your really talented” I started, He nodded “Its  just my sister is actually a fan of your music its good but not my style”

He nodded “So why you here and not your sister?” He asked trying to understand. I told him the whole entire story.

“So you like One Direction?” He asked.

“Yeah” I said uncomfortably.

“Don’t worry there my buddies let me call Harry and see if I could get you ticket” he said. He pulled out his phone and looked down at it. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing maybe Justin wasn’t so bad after all. And he was calling Harry the Harry that I loved so much.

“Hey Harry” he said into the phone. He paused and put him on speaker.

“Hello” I heard a british accent, I instantly smiled.

“I have a lovely girl here with me that’s a big fan of your music got any tickets left?”

“Yes actually I have backstage too” He said I almost died.

“What is her name?” He continued on.

“Its Abby Johnson” Justin said I smiled at the thought he remembered my name.

“Ok I’ll put her down one one thing” Harry said.

“Yeah?” Justin asked curiously.

“May I speak to this lovely lady?”

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