Fighting for....

Abby is fifteen. Her twin sister and her are toatally different. Their alaways fighting with each other. But what happens when fighting over simple stuff starts to become more serious...


4. At least you got a taste of your own medicine

***********A Week later********************

Abbys POV.

I walked home from school sighing the whole way. I plugged my earphones in and put on the best song ever. By the time it was over I was in my house. You guessed it! I was in my favorite room watching 1D interviews when my phone rang.


“Is this Miss Jackson?”

“Yeah whos this?”
“Im calling from the Justin Bieber contest” I could feel myself starting to get excited.

“You won 1 front row seat ticket and one backstage pass to meet him!” She said.

“Thank you so much” I said.

“No problem hun” She told me all this info and then I hung up. I got tickets I went to go tell Allie.

“Hey Allie I just wanted to say Im sorry for overreacting about the tickets”

She looked up at me in surprise, her eyes narrowed “Now what did you do Abigail Johnson?”

“Oh nothing nothing” I turned around biting my bottom lip.

“Abby” She commanded.

I turned on my heels to face her “Yes?”

“What did you do Abby?” She demanded.

“Nothing its not like I got Justin Bieber tickets or something.

I watched her eyes widen it was pretty cool they got pretty big.

“How could you Abby?”

“Oh you go online and you enter and I just so happ-“

“Abby I’m so mad at you” I watched as her face flushed red with anger.

“Well at least you got a taste of your own medicine” I said coldly before turning and walking back to my fake room.

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