Entwining dreams

Hey, I began writing on my ipad, so then i went back and edited
I haven't tried anything like this before so, enjoy!
A sudden surge of adrenalin pumped through my viens, I felt my heart burning, as I fell deeper and deeper. All of a sudden a wash of icy cold water crashed over me.
My eyes burst open to see orbs, a mixture of blue and green just like the sea.
those mesmerising eyes full of concern and worry.
"Louis, why the hell did you just pour freezing water over me? "


5. PASTA!!!!!!



Rachel's POV 

Louis smiled.

I wonder,why?

I had to find out.

"Louis?" I asked casting a questioning glance over at him.

"yes, babe?"

"Do you want to go get dinner at that new italian restaurant, the fat panda?"

Louis kept a straight face, but I saw a familiar glint in his eye

"will there be PASTAAAAA!?!?!?!?!?!"

"Um I guess..." I replied trying to hide my joy at the fact he had made a hetalia refrence

(A/N I have friends over so I had to make it short and sweet, and they got me to do the hetalia refrence xox)

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