Entwining dreams

Hey, I began writing on my ipad, so then i went back and edited
I haven't tried anything like this before so, enjoy!
A sudden surge of adrenalin pumped through my viens, I felt my heart burning, as I fell deeper and deeper. All of a sudden a wash of icy cold water crashed over me.
My eyes burst open to see orbs, a mixture of blue and green just like the sea.
those mesmerising eyes full of concern and worry.
"Louis, why the hell did you just pour freezing water over me? "


7. nightmares are also dreams

    *Rachel's dream*


Pride comes before a fall

beating drums

forward march

mothers left for the slums

over the arch


heart in mouth

gun in hand 

as solders head south

of the land.


shots ringing out

killing almost all

careful, death is about

and pride comes before a fall.



The same poem.... every time I close my eyes the same poem is there, Sung out like the day I first heard it at my great-granddad's funeral .

Next I am falling off a steep cliff, just as I am about to hit the ground it all fades into darkness, with a small light in the distance. As I get closer everything gets scarier. (imagine; Jeff the killer, thousands of scorpions crawling over you, slender man and your worst nightmares combined) that's the terror I always feel then I suddenly awake always drenched in sweat.

                                                                  *end of dream*

My phone began beeping.

I had a text.

Louis' name flashed up.


'hey babe you okay? xox -L'

'Sure, just had a nightmare, cant sleep oxo-R'

'that's weird me too 2  mins xox-L'

After a while it beeped again

'Look outside babe xox-L'

looking outside i saw a smiling Louis holding a tub of Ben and jerrys' cookie dough 


I'm eating ice cream at three in the morning!


(A/n sorry its been a while, my Great granddad died last week at the grand age of 99 xox

p.s like the poem i wrote? ) 










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