Entwining dreams

Hey, I began writing on my ipad, so then i went back and edited
I haven't tried anything like this before so, enjoy!
A sudden surge of adrenalin pumped through my viens, I felt my heart burning, as I fell deeper and deeper. All of a sudden a wash of icy cold water crashed over me.
My eyes burst open to see orbs, a mixture of blue and green just like the sea.
those mesmerising eyes full of concern and worry.
"Louis, why the hell did you just pour freezing water over me? "


4. Fighting over nothing



After a tussle with angelica we were pulled apart by Louis and a middle aged man

"WHAT THE HELL LOUIS? PUT ME DOWN" I started screaming 

He put me down on the ground again. 

"Rachel why would you do that" he looked at me with shame,disappointment but, a little bit of excitement in his eyes. I felt really bad and hung my head, (which is weird because I never do that, unless I upset someone I love.) Don't get me wrong, I love Louis, but in a fan crush way. I'd never love in another way. I promised myself I never would because love isnt real

It only hurts you.

"Lou I'm sorry, she just irritates the hell out of me" I frowned. I hated Angelica.Not only for slapping me, but for bringing out a side of me that I thought was locked away. 

"Don't be sorry,it's over and done with. I'm just curious, what was the fight about?"

Oh shisney (Irish school joke)

"You" I mumbled barely audible 

"WHAT?" he gasped 


I thought he liked me after getting me to wait on him.

damn it.






"WHAT?" I gasped 

I knew I liked her, but I wanted to wait and not rush into things but now I know she likes me,why wait?

I felt a giddy smile appear.



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