Not the Same Kind

Coral is a mermaid. But what happens when she falls in love with a Human? What happens when she finds out he's a Superstar? How will she handle it? Will she give up?


1. Introduction to Coral

Hi! I'm Coral. I'm 18. 

I'm a mermaid. Yes, I know, those are only in fairy tale's... But I'm here, and I'm living proof of mermaids.

Anyways, I have Blond hair with blue tips. I also have blue eyes and flawless skin. Many other mermaids say I'm beautiful. 

(I'll put the picture in my mumbles)

My fins and tail are blue. I'm very tan. 

I have to stay away from humans because Mum said they would do experiments on us. 

I have a drama free life and I'm single. 

I hope to find my Prince Charming one day.

I like boys with curly hair. 

My powers are to charm humans by singing (I sing really well), I can control water, talk to animals, and I can heal.

That's about it! Hope to see you soon!


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