Not the Same Kind

Coral is a mermaid. But what happens when she falls in love with a Human? What happens when she finds out he's a Superstar? How will she handle it? Will she give up?


3. Chapter 2

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update. I have been busy with school and stuff. 

Anyways... This chapter is gonna be short, not fully proofread, and full of drama.

So sorry its short, if spelling or grammar or tense is not right, don't worry about it.

Also, be prepared for a cliffhanger!

I should be updating soon, so don't worry.

I'm not going to post these Authors Notes very often. I will once in a while, but don't expect them every chapter.

Okay! That's all.

Love you!

-Becka xx



The human saw me! He knows where I'm swimming now! Great. Mum is gonna kill me, if the human doesn't first.

He won't stop chasing me. Suddenly, he stops. He starts staring at me creepily. Then he grabs my arm. He drags me up to the surface, where I have never been before, so I have no idea what will happen. 

He pulls me up into the air, which surprisingly I can breathe.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see it.

I yank him back under the water. Now its my turn to be dragging him. But when I turned around, its to late. The shark had its mouth open, swimming towards the boy. It clamped down on his ankle. The boy made a weird screaming sound. Blood filled the water. I started looking around.

"Help!" I yelled.

I put my mouth on his, since I'm a mermaid, I can give humans the ability to breathe underwater. I've never used the power before, so I hope it works.

I then took him down to the Hospital. The mer-nurses and mer-doctors were taking him in when they realized that he was human. The main doctor shook his head. 

"Please take him! He got bit by a shark! Don't let him die just because he's human!"

The doctor sighed and wheeled him back inside. The doctor came back outside a little bit later.

"He's going to be fine. Thankfully, he didn't loose his foot. But it was a pretty bad bite. He got stitches and he should be fine."

"Okay. Thank you."

He nodded and went back inside. 2 hours later, the boy came out.

"Thank you." He whispered.

I nodded. He started swimming back up to the surface. So I decided to be nosy and follow him.

He got to the surface and was getting into the boat, when I saw him tell something to another man. The man disappeared.

And that's when I felt the hands grab me.




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