Not the Same Kind

Coral is a mermaid. But what happens when she falls in love with a Human? What happens when she finds out he's a Superstar? How will she handle it? Will she give up?


2. Chapter 1


I always take morning swims just before the crack of dawn. 

I swam out of my rock, and into the open sea. I saw a disturbance in the surface of the water, so I quickly swam away. We mermaids try to stay out of the way of humans as much as possible

Once it stopped, I came back out and looked around. I swam around some more, admiring a new type of fish I saw...

It was see-through! I was so amazed, I didn't even see/hear the splash above me.

I looked up, but it was to late. The human had seen me. He swam closer to make sure he was seeing right, but before he had a chance to tell, I swam away.

I couldn't get his picture out of my head.

I couldn't see his face, but from what l saw... 

He had curly hair.



I had decided to go to the ocean and dive, just before dawn.

One of Paul's buds had a boat and offered to take me swimming.

So here I am at 4:00 in the morning, getting ready to dive in. The other lads were too lazy and wanted to sleep in.

Okay, here I go...


I jumped in causing a big splash. 

But not big enough for me not to notice the figure below me.

It was definitely a girl, looking at a little thing, darting back and forth.

As the bubbles cleared, I couldn't believe what I saw... What was below me.

A mermaid. 

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