Rain of Blood

Above and Beyond: People wish for toys, games, pools, and more, But 16 year old Tiffany West wants something different for her and her sister. One thing is for sure they might get into a lot of trouble trying to find a way to get it.


2. 2047: The Note

Zack's P.O.V.

I work at Honda. It is like a car making company, only we inspect the vehicles. We see if the vehicles need improving, or just tweaking.

I got off work around 7 pm. it was already starting to get dark. I called Tiffany to tell her I'm on my home, that I would stop over at her house. But she didn't answer. I didn't think too much about it at first. So then, I just called her cell phone. She didn't answer that either.Then, I started to worry a little. I decided to stop at her house to see if  Tiffany was over there asleep. 

I got there around 7:45. I knocked and no one answered. I unlocked the door and went in. I saw the t.v. on and Lindsey asleep on the couch, with blankets around her. I walked over to her and picked her up. I walked upstairs and laid her down in her crib. I checked Tiffany's room, but found nothing. Next, I went downstairs to turn off the t.v. I went to the kitchen to find a note on the counter. It Read: 

   Dear Zack,

             I'm sorry I'm not here. I had to go somewhere, with some one. My phone is not on me. I can't talk to you. Just don't worry or come looking for me


I knew something was wrong. She would have never left her phone, Lindsey alone, and a note. Her handwriting was even messed up like she was frightened to write it down. I knew one thing though I was going to call 911.

I called the police, and they said they were going to send out a search warrant  in the next 24 hours. I ran upstairs to get Lindsey and I ran to my car. Strapped her in and took off.

I checked the bar, local stores, gas stations, everything. I didn't find her. One man, apparently homeless, said he saw a girl forced into a car that took off at full speed. He said she looked like what I had described.I was happy, yet sad at the same time. He also said that the licences plate was,  VTU957433. I thanked him and gave him 20 dollars for appreciation. He smiled and walked away. 

Next I called the police to them what I found out. Then, I ventured out to try and find Tiffany.

I remembered the plate number, and went to the local car sale places. At the first 5-10 places, no one knew of the number.then I saw a ran down sale place, and asked the manager about a plate number. 

"Your in luck. I just sold one to a man with a pretty little lady about 30 minutes ago."

"May I see the papers?"

"Why sure. Would you like a copy of the address and the documents?"

"Yes, please."

(*Waiting point. :0)

"Here you go. His name is Dale Jr. Fred Stroup."


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