How wonderful life is , now you're in the world.

Two girls move to Holmes Chapel. They meet new people and maybe even find their first and last love...


3. University...


I wandered back to Harry's house. Pipper seemed cool, when I mentioned Harry her mood changed. She was embarrassed, ashamed almost. "Brooke tell me you got her number please!" Harry whined. Although I did get her number I wasn't going to give it to Harry, if she had wanted Harry's number I'm sure she would've asked besides I want Harry to do this himself. "Sorry Haz, mission failed. I got her name though, Pipper". He seemed really disappointed but I knew she'd give her number to him eventually, she seemed like the kind of person who makes a boy prove himself before she gave them her number. "Its fine, you tried. Is she going to a University here?" Harry asked hopefully. "Yes, she's going to South Cheshire College" his face suddenly dropped. "I'm only messing with ya Harold she's going to ours!" I joked. We started jumping around his room happily. "Thanks so much Brooke I don't know what I'd do without you." "You'd probably be in prison Harry for stealing cats from Mrs Bakers pet store." I teased. He laughed but stopped because he knew I was right. "I'm gonna go. Gotta rest up for school tomorrow, bye Hazza!" "Bye Brooklyn!"

I left Harry's house and went to mine which was well only 3 doors down but I don't like walking. Besides it's back to the animal kingdom tomorrow, Holmes Chapel University...




*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* "Argh!!!" It was finally time to get up for University , to be honest I really didn't want to go. Not because I hate uni its just I'm the type of person who is socially awkward. *Beep* *Bee-* "Argh! I don't want to get up!" I mumbled to myself."Pipper its time to get up! We can't be late! Its our first day at University!" Scarlett shouted. She seriously needed to calm down! I'm starting to think about taking her to the doctors at the weekend! "Scarlett stop panicking! We're not going to be late , I'm getting up now." As much as I tried to calm her down she carried on. I got all my clothes out , got undressed and changed. After that I just done the usual had breakfast , cleaned my teeth and got my bag together. "Come on girls , you have five minutes!" My dad called up the stairs. I had nothing left to do but put my shoes on. "We are going now whether you like it or not! We are not going to be late!" Scarlett said angrily. I haven't tied up my laces yet , I'm taking her to the doctors after Uni.


We arrived outside of the university and it did look really big! I'm really nervous about seeing Harry not because I liked him or anything but I did stare at him for what seemed like a long time...Me and Scarlett are meant to be meeting up with Brooklyn at break because we don't have the same first lessons. "Bye girls! I hope you have a good day!" My dad said as we stepped out of the car. "Bye dad , wish us luck!" I joked. I walked up the stairs leading to the main door , I must say there were some pretty good looking boys but they looked like the type to just sleep with a girl and forget about it the next day! There were girls who looked decent and girls who just looked tarty but then I can't really judge someone by what they wear. Me and Scarlett had different lessons as well at first so I didn't really have a clue where I was going ,  there were a few signs but other than that nothing. I wondered around for a while until I bumped into a tall boy with dark curly hair , I looked up and realized it was Harry! "I'm so sorry , are you okay?" He asked. I took his hand and he pulled me up. "Yes. I'm fine...Thank you anyway." He smiled with his dimples showing , I have to admit he was hot. "I'm guessing your Pipper?" How did he know my name? "Yeah...And I guess your Harry? Brooklyn told me." "Oh...Well by the looks of it you look lost , do you want me to walk you to your lecture?" I was a bit hesitant at first but then I thought why not? "Yeah sure , thanks again!" I gave a slight smile and he gave a smirk in return.


I was wondering around campus as I finally got a break from the boys. They mean a lot to me but sometimes being the 'popular' boy can have its down sides. Sometimes I wish I can be the Harry I am around Brooklyn, I like that guy. I was lost in my thoughts when I bumped into somebody, I watched as her tiny frame fell to the ground. Suddenly, I saw these bright blue eyes looking up at me, they seemed filled with annoyance and shock. When I realised who it was my heart skipped a beat. It was the girl at the window, it was Pipper. She seemed lost and I couldn't leave her wondering the halls so I volunteered to take her to her lecture. I decided to avoid the window incident, she seemed embarrassed enough as it is. She was so beautiful, she was the kind of girl who didn't need to wear any type of product or make up on her skin and she could still be flawless. Her curly brown hair which reached to her curvy waist tied the whole look together, she probably thought I was a creep but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Unfortunately, her classroom was just around the corner so this strange experience was over pretty quick. "Well I'll see you around." She said with an angelic voice. "Yeah, see you around" I said while shooting her the famous Harry Styles smirk. Could this really be happening, I've never really believed in love at first sight but when I saw Pipper it felt like something clicked inside me, like things were finally looking up for me.


AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry we haven't updated in a while we have been very busy as its the summer holidays for us.....We will just and update as much as we can!!!:) This is Pipper and Scarlett's outfits for University!!!:) ILY<3 


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