How wonderful life is , now you're in the world.

Two girls move to Holmes Chapel. They meet new people and maybe even find their first and last love...


1. Moving.



 Today is the day me and my step sister Scarlett move to Holmes Chapel.  My mum and dad have been split for eleven years now , it had a big effect on me when I was younger but not so much now. We are moving to Cheshire as me and Scarlett are going to University there! I'm studying music and Scarlett is studying  forensic evidence.  "Come on! Hurry up Pipper!"  Scarlett shouted. "I'm coming"

I rushed down the stairs put my shoes on and got in the car. 


We finally arrived at the new house. I have to admit it was pretty big. I stepped out of the car and grabbed the keys to our new house and then unlocked the door. I was stunned when I walked in it had a huge hallway , a massive front room , a beautiful kitchen , six bedrooms , two bathrooms , indoor jacuzzi and two balconies! "Oh my god." I whispered to myself. I turned around to see Scarlett's mouth wide open and eyes as big as the moon. "So what do you think Scarlett?" By the look on her face she seemed speechless. "I...I...I Love it!" she grinned. "Quick let's go unpack!" I said. I got up into the room I chose and just sat on the bed looking around , it really was better than my old room! I got all the boxes and placed them on my bed I started off unpacking my clothes and shoes. I could hear Scarlett unpacking too , I can imagine she is putting things really neatly. She's the type of girl who likes things neat and everything in order where as I'm lazy and likes to do nothing apart from sing. I've sometimes wondered if she had OCD?

I have finished unpacking and my room looks perfect! The walls are a light yellow and everything else is pretty much pastel colours! I had nothing else to do now so I went into Scarlett's room too help her. "Do you need any help?" I asked "No pip you will mess everything up!" I'm very concerned about her. "Fine then but I still think you could do with some help putting your massive mirror up" She looked at me as if she knew I was right but didn't want to admit it. "No I will be fine!" I just walked out back into my room and looked out the window , I couldn't help but notice a boy in his room. He was in the house next to ours he had curly hair that was a chocolate brow colour and it looked like he had green eyes. He was smiling at me but I was so lost in his features that I didn't respond! I suddenly snapped out of my little day dream and hit reality , he was still smiling , I think he knew that I was day dreaming. I immediately turned my face and went down stairs , there was something about him that just made my heart melt. I didn't even know his name. "GIRLS!" Dad called. I rushed down the stairs with Scarlett and went into the kitchen , it was truly huge! "Yes dad?" I said "I want you two girls to go out into the garden and clean up also put up the swing for when you're cousins come round please" I sighed angrily , I really wasn't in the mood I was to tired! "Don't sigh pipper! I have had a tiring day as well you know?" "Yes dad." I walked into the garden with Scarlett following behind me. "Pip , do you think we will have a better life here?" I thought for a minute asking myself if we will , we didn't have the best of lives back in London. "Hopefully. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds." She gave me a slight smile. 


"Argh. Done." We had finally cleared up the garden and by now it was eight o'clock. We had already had our dinner at five so only thing I could really do was have a shower and then sit in my room. I walked to the bathroom and turned the shower on , I got undressed and jumped in the shower but all I could think of was that mysterious boy smiling at me! I need to know his name. Why was he on my mind anyway? Like I said I don't even know his name...After having long deep thoughts in the shower , I quickly washed my hair and my body. I slipped my pyjamas on and got into bed , I was to tired to say goodnight to everyone. I pulled my duvet covers up to neck and fell into a deep deep sleep.  


AUTHORS NOTE: Well that was the first chapter I hope you liked it:) This is what Pipper wore >>> (Btw the darked haired girl is Pipper)

This is Scarlett's outfit and her >>> 

This is Scarlett > 


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