Worst band ever

My name is Rachel and I HATE ONE DIRECTION! Everyone goes on about them at school, and they are just so annoying. Or at least that's what I thought till I met them when I won a competition in a magazine. Now I'm helplessly in love!!!
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1. Obsessive fans

All the girls at my school are obsessed with One Direction. They go around singing Best Song Ever, clearly not realising they're the Worst Band Ever. I mean, some of their songs are alright, and I guess Niall's kinda cute, but it's not like they're ever going to meet them, or be their girlfriend, or any of that lot.


When I got home from school I was really relieved because all my friends were going on about their favourite One Direction song. I went onto my computer, and instantly a message on Skype popped up. Surprise, surprise, it was about One Direction. As I said, I can't stand them, so I turned it off and read my magazine. I turned to the competitions page and read:

To win this competition just send us your name, address, and your answer a, b or c to this question

Who is Perrie Edward's 1D boyfriend?

a) Niall Horan

b) Harry Styles

c) Zayn Malik

If you win, you get to meet that celebrity and their band!!!

Everyone knows it's Zayn. And I absolutely love Little Mix - it would be amazing to meet them. I quickly went back online, ignoring the million and one facebook messages about One Direction and entered at the magazine's website.


It took ages, but eventually a letter came through my door. I opened it, my hands trembling. It said:

Dear Rachel,

We are pleased to tell you that you are the lucky winner of our competition!

Oh My God!!!!!

Next month, you will be meeting the One Direction boys and spending the entire day on tour with them! Congratulations. Please call 01192349028 to confirm if you are coming.

Yours sincerely,

Teen magazine

"What?" I said. "I HATE ONE DIRECTION!!!"


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