happy endings are overrated

a young girl with many things against her. this will be about her struggle to keep her sanity and her innocence


2. hells firstaid

july 29 2001

i am now 17 and no one seems to understand the word privacy around here! i was getting pushed around last night while trying to sleep in my room. why everyone was in there will be news to me!

i've never, until now that is,realized how hard the people outside our walls had it. they ,must work to get food and shelter and yet we all get it for free. is that fair to them, and what about us? we have nice things and many great friends and most people can't eat as much as we can. i am seriously considering a stop to all of my complaining at mealtimes.

i am glad however that i am alive right now because in classes a light blew and shattered on my head. it was not an accident i swear i saw the teacher smiling.

love forever 

abigal ross



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