Okay so I actually wrote this in March and I kinda forgot to upload it. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it!! Comment and likes would be appreciated.


1. Evanescence

The world in which we live in is getting older,

The human race is not growing wiser.

The world is dying,

Whilst we continue to flourish.


There are animals that continue to perish,

And mothers who shed tears.

Tears for their sons who charge into battle,

In wars that are not their own.


Around the world there seems to be suffering,

In ways that are big,

Or in ways that are small,

And it never seems to fade.


For anything that is bad,

Always seems to linger.

And anything that is good,

Passes by at an alarming rate.


We live in a world,

That is full of suffering and greed.

We live in a world,

Where the good is not always cherished.


We all live in this world,

This world that is dying,

This world that is slowly falling.

Falling into evanescence...

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