Survive(A wolfs nightmare)

Marley is a 16 year old g=boy. He lives in Bradford. He is going for a walk, what is gonna happen?


1. A strange story.

A/N This is my first real story, so, sorry if it sucks. I'm trying to make it fun for you guys. If you guys think it sucks, pleae tell me, okay? Well, enough talking! Here i go!


Winter 2013:







‘’Marley! Quik! Take a look!’’

Marley turns around from his computer.

‘’Whats’s wrong, mum?’’

‘’They have seen a wolf! Here, in our village!’’

‘’Here? In Bradford?’’


‘’Mum! Don’t be so silly! They haven’t seen a wolf here for like…….20 years!’’

He turns back to his computer and continues with his homework.

‘’Please! Believe me! They have a pic, Marley, A PIC! And pictures don’t lie!’’

Marlie sights, and answers: ‘’Mom! Let me finish my homework, that pic could be from anywhere!’’

His mother looks at him, and then goes to the kitchen.


Marley looks at his homework……

‘’Write something about yourself.’’ he mumbles. ‘’Uuhm…okay.’’

He thinks, and then writes:


‘’My name is Marley, and I’m sixteen years old. I love animals, especially hedgehogs! I live with  my sister and brother: Liv and Nico. My hobby’s are drawing, reading and charity stuff’’


So, that’s done, he thinks.

‘’Hey, guys, do you wanna walk?’’ Liv walks into the room.

‘’OF COURSE!’’ Marley and Nico shout at the same time.

‘’Well, let’s go then!’’

Liv is a thirteen year old girl, she is brunette. Her posture is like a pear, not to fat, and not to thin.

Nico is blond, he is fifteen.

And Marley, is also brunette. He is sixteen.

He is the eldest.

They walk outside.

‘’Brrr, it’s cold!’’ Nico says. Marley grins.

‘’Than you should have bring a coat, there is a wolf! Maybe he’ll give his coat.’’ Says Marley.

‘’Hahaha……..very funny….’’ Nico and Marley see that liv is further, so they decide to follow.

‘’You guys are to slow!’’ she yells at them.




A/N And?? I know, it sucks. So, tell me if i should upload! X!


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