Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


29. Not a chapter!

Hey, sorry this isn't a chapter i just wanted to say something....So i know i haven't updated in ages but i've had school and i'm starting my GCSE's so i'm getting an unbelievable amount of homework and i really need to focus on it but i'm going to try to update as much as i can. I'll try to update this fanfic at least every other day! 

Alsooooo whilst i'm writing this i'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has liked, favourited and commented on this fanfic! I really appreciate it and it makes me smile:) So please continue to comment, read and tell other people about this fanfic because i really like it and want to continue with it:) 

And i'm going to start planning another fanfic for after this one is finished (don't worry it's not over anytime soon) So please comment which boy you would want to be the main one(s) 

So yeah that's it, thanks if you read this, idk if anyone will have but i hope you did or else i'm talking to myself right now, lollll and i'll try to update soon because i'm ill right now, urgh.

Anyways byeeeee, love you all! 


Hannah :) x

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