Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


6. Chapter 6

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The next day went buy pretty slowly, I spent most of it cuddled up on the sofa with Lillie watching movies whilst eating all of the food we had in the house meaning my parents had to go out for more…

Dylan was with Melissa and had gone out shopping, probably for my birthday present which was due tomorrow…yeah he wasn’t very good at getting things done on time…

Mum and dad were also out, I don’t even know where they were but they said it was important so I didn’t question them any further.

But me and Lillie had a fun day together, we couldn’t really go out because it was raining…typical British weather.

Everyone was back at home now, Melissa had joined us and we were eating pizza takeaway in the front room whilst watching some film I didn’t know the name too…it was rubbish and none of us were paying attention.

“I think I’m going to put Lillie to bed and then go myself…I’m tired.” I say as I place my pizza box on the coffee table.

After saying our goodnights and listening to my dad joke about this being the last few hours of me being 18 me and Lillie were making our way upstairs to our rooms.

“Night Lil.” I say as I kiss Lillie on the head once she was settled in bed.

“Night night Emily, I’ll be waking you up by singing happy birthday to you tomorrow!” She giggles as she looks up at me.

“Well be prepared for a slap in the face!” I joke as I ruffle her hair which she was not happy about.

“HEY don’t do that!” She tells me which causes us to laugh even more; she couldn’t act serious at all.

“I just did…anyway good night! You need to go to sleep!” I tell her as I walk towards the door, turning her light off.

“Fine! Night night.” She finally says as I close her door and make my way to my room.

I get changed into shorts and t-shirt and hop into bed, turning my phone off so I wouldn’t wake up due to people posting on my Facebook wall and twitter ‘Happy birthday’ during the middle of the night.

It was almost my birthday yet the one person I wanted to spend it with the most couldn’t be here…




“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMILYYYY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU!”  I hear my sister scream whilst jumping on my bed, she wasn’t kidding when she said she’d wake me up by singing happy birthday to me…

“Hello Lillie, you ready for that slap in the face?” I ask as I sit up in bed, rubbing my tired eyes, “What time is it?” I ask.

“8 o’clock, everyone’s awake but you!!” She plops herself down on the bed and I tackle her down so she’s lying down.

“Well thank you for the wakeup call!” I joke.

“Come on, let’s go downstairs!” Lillie says but doesn’t leave me a choice in what I do because the next thing I know I’m being dragged downstairs by a 5 year old, what a great way to spend my birthday morning.

“Happy birthday sweetie.” Mum was the first to greet me in the kitchen by giving me a hug and a kiss, I thank her before sitting down on a stool at the breakfast bar.

“Happy birthday sis.” Dylan says as he also gives me a hug, I have a feeling I’ll be receiving a lot of hugs as well as cards and presents today.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” My dad yells as he walks into the kitchen. He hands me a card and present and gives me a kiss on my forehead.

“Open them then!” He says as everyone gathers around.

I open the card and read it before thanking my parents and also Lillie and then they usher me to open the present, it was large.

I rip it open to find it was the bag I wanted, a massive grin appears on my face as I thank my parents, the bag was super expensive so I never thought they would get it me.

“Look inside.” Mum tells me with a smile on her lips, I give her a confused look but open up the bag anyway.

A small box was inside which I pulled out and opened, I was in shock when I saw what it was.

“Who-Who’s are these?” I ask as I look around to find everyone smiling, Lillie was sat on the breakfast bar also grinning.

“Yours silly!” Lillie laughs.

“The car’s outside.” Dad tells me and I quickly get up out of my seat and run to the front door with the keys held tightly in my hand.

My mouth drops open as I look out onto the driveway.

“You got me an Audi?” I ask in shock.

“Yep, all yours, new.” Dad tells me as we stood at the doorway.

“Thankyou sooo much!” I squeal as I hug both my mum and dad, picking Lillie up to spin her around.

“Can I take it out?” I ask excitedly.

“Later, I think Dylan and Melissa have something for you inside.” Dad says as he leads me inside with my mum and Lillie.

“We’re sorry we can’t beat the car present but we also got you a little something.” Melissa laughs as she hands me a small gift bag.

I thank her before looking inside to find a box which I also open to find a silver necklace with a love heart and also matching earrings which I loved already.

“Thankyou so much! I love it!” I squeal as I pull her and Dylan in for a hug, grinning at them both.




After breakfast I was allowed to take the car for a ride with Dad and Dylan, Mum refused because she said she didn’t want to be killed, Melissa also refused but said she had other things to do and Lillie, well Lillie wanted to come but mum wouldn’t let her, leaving her upset.

“Okay well hunny we’ve got to get going but Sophie and Caitlin are on their way over here!” Mum kisses me.

“Wait, you’re leaving? I didn’t mind the past few days but now my birthday too?” I ask her.

“I’m sorry, we’ll see you later on,” She apologises, “STEVE YOU READY TO GO?” She yells at my father, Dylan and Melissa left about an hour ago with Lillie and now my parents were leaving…great birthday this turned out to be.


After saying goodbye and again apologising mum and dad left leaving me home alone.


About an hour later there was a knocking at my door, I answered it to find it was Sophie and Caitlin with two big bags each, I looked at them confused but they pushed past me and dropped the bags.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” They both squealed giving me huge hugs.

“Thankyou…but what’s with the bags?” I asked peering to behind the two girls.

“We’ll explain later, now let’s see what you got! I see a fancy car on the drive...” Sophie laughs.

“Well that fancy car belongs to moi.” I say seriously but end up jumping around in the hallway joined shortly by the two girls.




Another hour had passed and the girls had given me my presents, Sophie got me a really pretty bracelet and a bottle of perfume which smelt like heaven, and Caitlin had gotten me bath products and make up which I also loved!

“Okay now what are the bags for?” I ask, referring to the big bags in the hallway.

“Well…” Caitlin began as she began walking out of the living room with me and Sophie following behind, “We’re going upstairs to give YOU a makeover…” She explained as both of the girls grabbed the bags and ran up the stairs leaving a confused me following behind.

Once we reached my bedroom they began emptying the contents of the bags onto my bed, there was clothes, shoes and make up all sprawled out and I looked in shock and confusion.

“What for?” I asked as I rooted through the stuff.

“Well that’s for us to know and YOU to find out.” Sophie teased, urgh I hate her.

“Now go shower.” Caitlin pushes me out of my own room and to the bathroom giving me a small wave before leaving me alone again.

I swear them girls are up to something.




After I showered I was allowed back into my room and Caitlin sat me down with me sit in a towel and began on my makeup whilst Sophie rooted through my wardrobe.

“Hey Em where’s that dress you got the other day?” Sophie asks.

“In the wardrobe near my bed…why?” I ask, my eyes closed so I couldn’t see a thing what was going on.

“No reason.” She replies simply.

“Don’t bother wearing it! You take enough of my clothes.” I remind her, I swear half of my wardrobe is in her house.

“I won’t, I won’t.” She sighs.

“Hey, shut up you I’m concentrating.” Caitlin tells me.

“Sorry mother.” I reply which causes us all to laugh.

“I ain’t joking; you better not ruin this master piece I’m working on.” She sighs.




It was now four o’clock and I was in my white lace dress and my makeup was finished but I wasn’t allowed to see it, the girls were now getting ready for whatever it was we were attending so I decided to check my Facebook, they said I wasn’t allowed to check twitter…weird people.

I replied to a few people on Facebook, mostly family who couldn’t see me today and then I decided to go off the app and play angry birds…the best game ever.


“How do we look?” I hear Caitlin’s voice and peer over my phone to see the two girls stood at the door.

Caitlin was wearing a light blue dress that came to her mid-thigh and her long dirty blonde hair was curled perfectly.

Sophie was wearing a tight black dress which also came to her mid-thigh, as much as it sounded slutty, it wasn’t, her dark brown hair was straightened and was pulled to one side.

“You both look beautiful, as always!” I grin as I walk over to them, “Now can I see myself?” I plead.

They both look at each other, exchanging looks before nodding. I quickly run over to the mirror before they could change their minds and look at myself in shock.

My makeup looked perfect, not too overdone so I didn’t look like me but more than I usually put on, my light brown, blonde dip dyed hair was straightened and looked perfect and my dress looked beautiful.

“Thankyou so much, I look amazing! We all do!” I hug the two girls, careful not to ruin our outfits or makeup.

“Now why am I dressed like this?” I ask.

“Still can’t tell you.” Sophie teases as she walks past me, urgh.

“But we’re about to find out so put your shoes on and get your phone and purse!” Caitlin tells me.

We all quickly grab our things and exit the house, it was surprisingly nice today which I was thankful for, usually it rains on my birthday…


We got into Sophie’s car and began driving, apparently I was supposed to be wearing a blindfold but the girls refused as it would ruin my makeup which I wasn’t upset at all about.

After around half an hour of driving we arrived at a building and my two best friends led me out of the car and to the door.

“Happy birthday Emily.” They grin as they pull the doors open and I’m greeted by the lights turning on and everyone jumping out.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!” Everyone screams, a massive grin appears on my face as I step inside and look around, immediately I was greeted by family and friends and saw the gifts piling up on the gift table.

“Happy birthday Em!” I turn around to see Anne and Gemma and hug them both, “You look beautiful as always.” Anne continues.

“Thank you so much!” I smile as I pull away from Gemma.

I look behind them slightly hoping another person would pop out but they didn’t making my smile dip slightly.

“I’m sorry Em, he couldn’t make it…” Anne apologises, knowing who I was looking for.

“It’s fine, I understand.” I give her a small smile which she returns.

“Don’t let it ruin the night, it’s a great event your parents have arranged.” Gemma smiles at me as she rubs my shoulder, I give them both a smile and say I’ll see them later before walking off to talk to more family and friends.




“Could we just have everyone’s attention for a second.” My mothers voice was heard through the microphone, everyone looked up to her and my family on stage.

“We’d just like to thank you on behalf of Emily for coming tonight to celebrate our daughters nineteenth birthday, and we’d like to invite her on stage for the birthday cake.” My mum continues, everyone looks over to me at the mention of my name and I make my way on stage smiling slightly.

I’m handed a microphone and know I have to say a few words, “Um, well I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight, I didn’t know this was going on but it really has been a great night.” Even if some people couldn’t make it, I thought to myself, “Thank you for the gifts and cards as well, and I’d like to say thank you to my parents for planning this whole thing.” I turn to them and smile, “I know it’s not been easy for them to bring me up but they’ve done it well and now they can do it again for Lillie!” I laugh as I look over to Lillie on the stage in her small stage, loving the attention as always.

After my little off the spot speech mum asks for the lights to be turned down for the cake to be brought out whilst everyone sung happy birthday.

And although it was dark I could clearly make out the curly haired boy behind the cake, a grin appeared on my face and I turned to my family and friends who were now stood off the stage, to see smiles on all of their faces as they turned to me and back to the boy placing the cake down on the table.

“Happy birthday Emily.” He grinned as everyone cheered after singing happy birthday to me. “Make a wish.”

But I didn’t need to make a wish because my wish had already come true…

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