Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


5. Chapter 5

Okay I’m going to skip a few days because nothing was going to happen and it’s dragging the story along even more! I'm led in bed in the dark listening to 1D right now writing this chapter...So yeah…enjoy! And also to all the people commenting update, I’ll try to update as often as I can but on weekends I don’t get wifi because I’m not at home but I will try to upload and write whenever I can! But keep continuing and liking and reading!






*Dylans P.O.V*


“Is it all sorted now?” I ask my mum as we take a seat in the large party room.

“Yeah, finally! We just need to keep it a secret from Emily, you did all of the party invites right?” She replies.

I nod my head taking a drink of my coke, “Yeah, Harry’s coming isn’t he?” I ask her, there was so much to plan for this surprise party we were holding for Emily’s nineteenth birthday.

“Yep! He didn’t want to miss it!” She tells me excitedly; sometimes I think she likes him more than she likes me…

“Great! She’s going to love it,” I reply, “We better get home, she’ll be wondering where we were.” I get up from my seat grabbing my car keys.

“Okay I’ll just make sure everything’s set for Thursday, go wait in the car for me.” She tells me as she begins to walk over to some of the men setting up decorations; I nod my head and make my way outside to the car.

It hard been so hard keeping it secret from Emily, we had all of her friends in on the surprise party and they agreed to keeping her busy the past few weeks so we could arrange it all and it was finally paying off, we’d done it.



*Emily’s P.O.V*


Once again my family were busy so I was left to look after Lillie, we spent the day at the park and got an ice cream, it was a good day except from when she fell off of the swing and cried her eyes out for at least half an hour…


“Emily, where’s Harry? I miss him.” Lillie says as we walked home.

“He’s in America with Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn!” I tell her listing all of the boys names, she knew them from meeting them a few times when they came to Cheshire to visit.

“Really? I wish I could see them again, Niall was the funniest!” She giggles as she talks about Niall and I smile remembering how he kept tickling her to make her cry from laughter.

“Maybe we can go and see them when they come home.” I tell her causing a massive grin to appear on her face.

“Yay!” She squeals as she begins running to the house as it came into sight meaning I had to run after her…



When we finally got home I was exhausted but Lillie was hyper, I really shouldn’t have given her that ice cream…

“Mummy!!” I hear Lillie scream as she ran into the kitchen, I followed her in to see my mum, dad and brother all stood around the breakfast bar.

“What’s going on here?” I ask as I walk closer to them.

“Oh nothing, just talking about what we should get you for your birthday…” Dylan says, I just give him a weird look, grab an apple and exit the kitchen.

I headed to my room and turned on my laptop, logging onto skype and twitter as soon as it was on.

I scrolled through my timeline feed, I saw a few one direction fans tweeting about the boys concerts and inappropriate imagines about them, how do these people even know half of this stuff?! They’re only like 12! I sigh as I open skype to see who was online and to my surprise I see Harry was.

Clicking on his profile I decide to call him, I hadn’t spoken to him for ages! After a few rings he answered and waited for the screen to load, when it finally did load I smiled finally being able to see him.

“Hey!” I grin.

“Hellooo!” He replies happily.

“What you doing?” I ask him.

“Just sat on the tour bus, the other boys are in the arena already, I thought I’d come on to see if you were online.” He tells me as he moves the laptop over to what I presumed was a table.

“Oh cool, how’s the tour going over there?” I ask curiously as I watch his confused face trying to figure out how to untangle some headphones which made me laugh.

“Um…what did you say? Why are you laughing at me?!” He asks finally looking back at the screen with a smile on his lips.

“You look like an idiot trying to untangle them headphones…I said, how’s the tour going.” I repeat myself.

“Oh, it’s going great, the fans are crazy though!” He laughs, “I miss you though…” He sighs.

“I miss you too! So does Lillie, she was asking about you before.” I tell him as an idea pops into my head, I run to my door and I can hear Harry asking where I was going to.

“LILLIE! COME UP HERE I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!” I scream downstairs, after a few seconds I can hear feet running upstairs and am greeted by a hyper little girl with a sticky face from eating too many sweets.

“What is it?” She asks as she follows me into my room, I pick her up and take her to the laptop screen, sitting her on my knees.

“HARRY!” She squeals, looking at the screen in joy.

“Hey Lil, what are you doing? And what do you have on your face…?” He asks her confused.

“I’ve been eating sweets and chocolate and ice cream and more sweets and even more chocolate!” She squeals jumping around on my knees.

“Well that’s someone not sleeping tonight.” Harry laughs as he looks back at me.

“I know right, and I guess I’ll be the one staying up with her.” I sigh but laugh.

“Harry? You coming into the arena we’re about to do sound- oh hey Em!” I hear Nialls voice followed by him waving at the screen to me.

“Hey I’m here too you know!” Lillie interrupts as I wave back at Niall saying hi.

“And hi to you too Lillie!” Niall laughs waving to Lillie.

“Harry you coming to sound check or do you want to stay here?” Niall turns to Harry, as Harry opens his mouth I speak for him.

“Go to sound check, it’s fine, I’ll call you back another time.” I tell him.

“No, I want to stay here, I haven’t spoken to you in forever and we’ve done sound check millions of times before.” He argues causing me to stare at him.

“Harry go, you need to practice.” I tell him sternly.

“Oh so you’re saying I’m not a good singer now are you?” He asks trying to keep a serious face but fails, we end up all laughing, even Lillie does.

“Of course not! You’re the best singer in the whole wide world, now go to sound check before you get told off.” I laugh.

“Okay, fineee.” He sighs, “I’ll try to call you back later.” He tells me.

“Okay, bye!” I reply.

“Bye, love ya.”

“Love you too!!” I laugh as I end the call.


“You and Harry love each other!” Lillie looks at me grinning.


“Not like that Lillie.” I tell her as I place her back on her feet and off my knees.


“Yes you do!” She argues, I walk past her and downstairs where she continues to tell me that I love Harry.

I really should not have given her all of that ice cream and sweets…

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