Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


4. Chapter 4

Hey guys, another chapter!!! woo! Harry will be in it soon! i promise! Thankyou for all of the comments and reads! i have over 20 favourites on this already! I hope you like this chapter:-) Enjoy!



“Em? Wake up sweetie.” I could hear my others voice as she softly shook me awake, I opened my eyes to find her and my father stood over me, I looked around and realised I was still in the living room with the TV playing music silently, I must have fallen asleep in here before.

                “What time is it?” I mumbled as I rubbed my eyes, sitting up on the sofa.

“Seven o’clock, we were just about to pick Dylan, Mel and Lillie up from Mel and Dylan’s house and go out for a meal, are you coming?” She asks me, I nod my head.

                “Let me just sort myself out and get changed, I’ll be five minutes.” I tell her as I run upstairs to quickly get ready.

I quickly fix my make up and hair and change into some skinny jeans and a top, casual but cute. Once I was ready I raced downstairs with my phone in my hand.

“Ready!” I call out to my mum and dad, they soon followed out to the hallway where I was and we made our way to pick up Dylan, Mel and Lillie in the car.

        “So did you find anything today?” Mum asks, referring to my shopping trip today.

“Yeah I got a few tops, new jeans and a dress.” I inform her as we pull up outside of their house, dad beeps his horn and they come rushing out.

        “Oh that’s good; I’ll have to see them when we get in.” She tells me with a smile on her lips.



When we get to the restaurant I find out it’s an Italian, my favourite. We get seated in the corner of the room and order our drinks.

“So Emily, what would you like for your birthday? It’s only next week!” Melissa asks m from across the table where she was sat next to Dylan and my mum.

“I don’t really know anything I guess.” I reply, taking a sip of my coke.

“Yeah you do! What do you want? It’s your birthday, we’ll get you anything.” Dylan interrupts, of course he would.

“I honestly don’t know, get me anything I’m sure I’ll like it!” I tell him with a smile, he just nods his head because the waiter is here to take our orders.

After we ordered our food we made small talk about my birthday, of course and other random things until the food came.

“Have you heard from Harry recently?” Mum asks me as I continue to help Lillie eat her food.

“No not really, he’s probably busy with the tour.” I explain, mum nods her head, “I saw his new music video before actually, I can’t believe how far they’ve gotten!” I say in disbelief.

“I know, his mum was talking about that earlier, she’s so proud…we all are!” She grins, Harry was like a second son to her, he was always in and out of our house just like I was in his, we were best friends. Not that we aren’t now but I guess we’ve lost a bit of the connection we used to have.

The table stays quiet for a few moments before my dad speaks unexpectedly, “Have you, you know told Harry yet?” HE asks uncomfortably, I knew what he was talking about, we all did and I wished he hadn’t brought it up.

“N-no not yet…”I stutter.

“Well hunny, I know it’s hard but he really needs to know…you’ve left it for so long.” He says softly, I know he doesn’t mean to say it to make me upset, I know myself that I need to tell him.

“I-I know but I guess I’m just scared y’know, what if he hates me for not telling him? He won’t even speak to me again…” I tell them quietly.

“Of course he won’t, he’s your best friend and always will be!” Mum tell me, It reminded me of the conversation I had with Dylan the other night, he said the exact same thing but I still have doubt that he will be mad at me.

“I don’t know, I know I have to tell him but I guess when it’s the right time I’ll know.” I reply, my mum and dad nod in agreement obviously knowing I just want to drop the subject.




After the meal we drop Dylan and Mel off at their house and we go to ours, I have to carry Lillie to bed from the car because she ended up falling asleep on me but I didn’t mind.

“Night night Lil.” I kiss her forehead as I lay her down and pull the covers over her.

“Night Em.” She mumbles sleepily before going back to sleep.

Once I walk out of her room I say goodnight to mum and dad and go to bed myself with the thought of telling Harry my secret on my mind…





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