Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


30. Chapter 29

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Emily's P.O.V


"Is that Harry Styles girlfriend?" I hear a girl whisper to her friend beside the lockers, i ignore the girls comment and continue to walk through the halls in search for my first class.

"Emily!" I hear a voice call from behind, I turn around to see Sophie speed walking towards me.

"Hey." I smile as she approaches me, we begin walking down the hallway beside one another and i was happy to finally have someone with me in this place that i knew.

"You spoke to Harry yet?" She asks as we push through the groups of teenagers standing around the halls instead of going to class.

"No, he's been busy. I'll try calling him in a bit." I explain and she nods.

We continue to walk to class, still on the topic of Harry and I honestly wish she would shut up about it. The world knowing about us was already making me nervous without her adding to that by asking question after question about our relationship and how i'm going to deal with it.

"Good morning class! Welcome back!" My teacher Mr Reed interrupts all of our conversations and we all turn towards him in our seats. I slump down in my chair, zoning out. I didn't want to listen to sir rambling on about his summer or what we were going to be learning this year but something pulls me back to the real world, or should I say someone... His dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes could be noticed from miles away.

My eyes grow wide as he takes his seat a few rows behind me and I can see in the corner of my eye Sophie's eyes are just as wide as mine, if not wider.



Harry's P.O.V


Once we were done with the interview we went back to the hotel and crashed out in my room.

"Have we got any other interviews today?" I ask Liam as he throws me a can of beer from the fridge, he shakes his head and sits down on the sofa next to Niall.

"Good." I sigh, I'm exhausted and I really wasn't in the mood to do any more interviews today, I needed to sleep.

I see Zayn smirking in the corner of my eye and turn my head to face him, "What?" I ask, confused as to why he was looking at me like that.

"You're only happy because it means you can talk to Emily all night." He laughs and Niall stifles a laugh too.

"Sure." I roll my eyes and throw at pillow at him but he catches it and throws it back.

"What do you think she'll make of all this anyway?" Liam asks before I have the chance to throw the pillow back, I put it back to where i found it and look at him.

"She knows i was planning on telling everyone, it was her idea." I tell him.

"What about the hate and stuff?" He asks and I stop for a second. I honestly don't know how she will react to the hate, she's never really been in that situation, she was always known as my best friend, nothing more so the fans didn't bother since she has been here from the start. Sure she got some hate but it was nothing extreme.

"She'll be fine." I tell him but he gives me an unsure look which I shrug off. She's strong, strong enough to ignore the hate she'll receive.




"How was college?" I ask Emily through the laptop screen.

"It was...okay, I guess." She shrugs her shoulders, not looking directly at the screen and I knew her mind was somewhere else. She had been like this since I called her.

"You sure?" I ask her and her eyes finally meet mine, she nods her head but her eyes are telling me something else but I shrug it off, she's probably just tired and stressed with everyone going on right now, just like I am.

"I saw the interview." A smile appears on her lips as she changes the topic and I put my head in my hands, covering my face. Oh no... 

"You did?" I mutter and I see her nod her head, a smile still visible on her face.

"It was...cute." She shrugs and I uncover my face and look at her, stifling a laugh.

"Cute?" I repeat, a smile appearing on my lips.

"You went bright red when the pictures came up on the screen and you were asked about me." She giggles.

"Shut up." I tell her but she doesn't, instead she continues to tell me about the events that took place in the interview and I roll my eyes. 

"So did anyone recognize who you were?" I ask her, hoping to shut her up.

"Yep." She sighs, "Lot's of people, it's pretty annoying." She informs me and I laugh.

"Now you know how I feel." I stick my tongue out at her which she returns followed by a laugh and I find myself grinning like an idiot at the beautiful girl I can proudly call my girlfriend.






SORRY IF IT'S SHORT!!! I'm going to try to update later or tomorrow i'm not sure... Hope you like this chapter and oooooooohhhhh who do you thinks the boy with the dirty blonde hair and 'piercing blue eyes'?;)  (Honestly I literally just made that up, PLOT TWIST idk this story needs a twist in it.) lmao anyways comment what you think!



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