Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


28. Chapter 28


Hey! sorry for taking so long to update, i went back to school today...i wanted to cry. Aha it's past 11pm now and i have to go to sleep so sorry this is short and probably rubbish but i just wanted to upload, so please comment what you think and what you think might happen in the next chapter, also like and favourite and fan and i'll love you forever!! joke i already love you all for reading but that'd be nice too;) 

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Anyway i hope you enjoy this chapter, again i'm sorry if it's bad!





“On in five lads!” A stage director calls into our dressing room and we all nod our heads before he disappears.

“You all ready?” Paul asks us as he enters the room again, I stand from my seat and grab a bottle of water off of the table.

“Yep.” I reply along with the other boys.

We all follow Paul out of the dressing room and towards the wings of the stage to get our microphones connected but Niall pulls me back.

“Are you coming out about you and Emily?” He asks and I have to think about it for a moment.

Emily assured me it’s fine for me to tell them and the longer I leave it then harder it will become for me to tell everyone so I guess now is the time to tell everyone, right?

“Yeah I think so.” I give him a small smile and he returns it.

“Is she watching the show?” He asks and I shrug my shoulders unsure, I hadn’t spoken to her today.

“I guess we’ll find out at the end of the show.” I let out a small laugh as we approach the boys and a few women begin to give us our microphones.

“Find what out at the end of the show?” Zayn asks out of curiosity.

“Nothing.” I look over at Niall then back to Zayn and he just nods his head and walks away.

“Two minutes until one direction are on!” Another man calls out, we were making an appearance on the today show this morning and had a performance before we would be interviewed and now I couldn’t help but feel nervous about telling everyone about me and Emily, would they take it well?

“One minute boys!” The same man from before calls and we all run up onto the steps, meters away from the stage.

“Good luck lads!” Paul calls out and Lou wishes us good luck before we were counted down and shoved onto the stage.


Emily’s P.O.V


“Em hurry up! They’re coming on stage now!” I hear Sophie yell at me from the living room, I was currently making us both drinks before the boys were on the today show.

As I enter the living room I see the five boys run onto the stage, waving at screaming fans, grins on each of their faces making one appear on mine too. I placed our drinks down and Sophie pushed me out of the way from blocking the view of the laptop screen, she was a pretty big fan of one direction.

The boys were soon introduced and broke into their new song best song ever. Watching Harry doing what he loved best made me so happy and proud of him and I couldn’t believe I could call that boy my boyfriend.




After singing a few songs the boys began their interview and me and Sophie were sat on the edge of our seats listening carefully to what they were saying. The normal, over asked questions were asked and the boys gave their usual answers and they began to talk about the upcoming stadium tour. It was crazy how far they had come in such a short amount of time,

 I still remember the day I went to Harry’s audition, how nervous he was for that day but it all paid off and now he was living his dream and doing what he loved best, making people happy.

As memories and thoughts flooded my mind one question asked by the interviewer pulled me far from them and my attention was on the small laptop screen in front of me.

“So the question all of your fans want to know…who’s single?” The interviewer asked with a small smile on her face and the camera flicked back to the screen but it surprised me when only Liam and Niall raised their hands. He couldn’t seriously be doing this could he? I mean I know I told him I was ready for him to tell everyone about us but I didn’t think he was ready to tell them, especially not this soon.

A few gasps were heard from the crowd and the other few boys apart from Niall turned to look at Harry as he sat there, his face turning a pale red.


Harry’s P.O.V


Everyone’s eyes turned to me and the crowd fell silent except from a few gasps and fans screaming that they love us.

“So does this mean you’ve finally found that lucky lady?” The interviewer breaks the silence but still all of the eyes are focused on me, oh how much I hope Emily isn’t watching this.

“Yeah, actually I have.” I let a small smile appear on my lips as I think about Emily.

“And who is this lucky girl?” The interviewer asks again and I see the boys have small smiles on their faces too, especially Niall.

“Her names called Emily.” I reply, not being able to wipe the smile from my face. I finally felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, like I had no secrets to hide anymore.

A few different pictures of me and Emily appeared on the screen of us in Greece and I wondered how they even had them ready but I didn’t care.

“And this is Emily, isn’t she just beautiful!” The interview lets out a small laugh as she looks at the screen and I nod my head slightly as I look at the pictures, “She seems to really make you happy.” She continues and I nod again and mumble a quiet ‘yeah’. I see the backstage directors saying we need to wrap it up and I was kind of glad because I didn’t want to talk much more about Emily to anyone no matter how relieved I was about telling them all.

“Okay well we wish you luck on your relationship with your new girlfriend and to you other boys too!” She turns to Louis and Zayn before looking into the camera. “That’s all we have time for today, thank you boys for coming on the show!” She turns her gaze back to us and we all give the camera and fans a quick smile and wave as we say bye and soon we’re off stage.

“Now you just have to wait for the fans and Emily’s reaction to all of this.” Niall mumbles to me as we hand our microphones back to the backstage directors.

This is going to be great…

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