Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


17. Chapter 17

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“Emily wake up.” I hear Harry’s voice as he poked my stomach, I slap his hand away and roll away from him.

“Go away Harry.” I moan as I pulled a pillow over my head to block him out.

“Nope, you need to get out of bed.” He replies.

“Why should I do what you tell me?” I ask him, opening my eyes.

“Because if you don’t then I’ll drag you out of this bed and throw you in the pool.” He threatens and I laugh.

“You wouldn’t do that.” I say, turning over onto my back to see him knelt on the bed.

“Oh but I would.” He replies and goes to grab my legs but I move away quickly and climb out of bed.

“I’m out, I’m out!” I shout backing away from him before he can grab me and throw me in the pool.

“Good now get ready, we’re going to the beach!” He grins, walking out of my room.

I’m not going on a pedalo with him again, that’s for sure.




“No, take Lillie in!” I argue.

“Fine, Lillie you coming into the sea?” Harry turns from me to Lillie who was currently building sandcastles in the sand.

She quickly abandons her castles and jumps up, taking Harrys hand shouting ‘yes’ over and over again. He picks her up and runs down to the beach. I watch him as he runs in and out of the sea with Lillie, laughing when she got water in her mouth but helping her anyway. He was like an older brother to her.

When I snap out of my thoughts I see Harry waving his hand for me to come in, I shake my head once again but he gives me them stupid puppy dog eyes which I always fall for and find myself walking over to the shore.

“It’s freezing!” I whine as I try to jump over the waves, the water was only to around my hips but I wasn’t planning on going any further.

“Oh c’mon, look at Lillie!” Harry says as he swam closer to me, Lillie was floating around a little bit deeper than I was and I shake my head.

“Harry it’s too cold.” I shiver but he ignores my whining and grabs hold of my hand, forcing me walk further into the water, “Harry, no.” I warn him but we continue to walk further, a smile on his lips.

“See it’s not so bad is it?” He asks, finally coming to a stop when the water is past my shoulders.

“I guess not…” I say, trying not to smile but one appears on my face anyway. “I still hate you though.” I say, trying not to smile.

“I still love you…” He mumbles, I look up at him quickly, meeting his gaze but he looks away. “Uh I’ll go and get Lillie.” He stutters and begins to swim away leaving me and my thoughts alone.

Maybe he meant it just as friends? No, the way he said it was different…I wish we could just talk about this but I couldn’t start the conversation, I wouldn’t know how to. I wish I didn’t have feelings for him, it would be so much easier if I didn’t but I just can’t help it. I love the way his green eyes light up when he’s laughing, I love his dimples when he smiles, I love how over protective he got when he found out I had stayed the night with Luke even though nothing went, but most of all I love how strong he is, he gets criticised for every single thing he does but he never lets it bring him down or change him.

“Em we’re going to get something to eat, you coming?” I hear Harry’s voice from behind me and I turn around nodding before making my way out of the sea.

“Have fun?” My mum turns to me whilst packing Lillie’s toys away.

“Yeah.” I simply reply, grabbing a towel to get dry.


Once we’re all ready we go to the beach side restaurant for lunch and I have to admit, it was delicious. Harry sat on opposite me but we hardly said a word to one another throughout the meal. I hate how awkward it becomes after things slip out of our mouths and I wish that didn’t happen.

“Everything between you two okay?” Anne asks as I take a drink of my water, I look up at Harry and we both nod our heads.

“Yeah” Harry says quietly before going back to his chips. Anne gives my mum an unsure look but doesn’t say anything else for the remainder of the meal which I was thankful for.


As we make our way back to the villa I remind myself to talk to Harry later on, I need to talk to him about everything.

“I’m going to bed, night.” Harry mumbles once we make our way through the door, everyone replies with a ‘goodnight’ as he makes his way to his room, Lillie also goes to bed leaving me, Gemma, Anne, Robin and my parents.

“Are you joining us on the balcony Emily?” I hear Robin ask me as he steps outside, I nod my head and follow him with my lemonade in my hands.

“So what’s really going on with you and Harry?” Gemma asks bringing me to a stop.

“Nothing.” I reply, I try to walk away but she grabs a hold of my wrist.

“I’m not stupid Emily, tell me.” She rolls her eyes, I consider telling her, she knows all about my secret I was keeping from Harry and she understands me most of the time so I tell her. I tell her every single thing that has been going on between us.

“But I just don’t think I could be with him, I can’t tell him about…y’know and I can’t keep it a secret from him.” I stop talking and she looks at me.

“Em, he likes you and you obviously like him. He’s going to find out about the cancer sooner or later so why not tell him now? Tell him everything and he’ll understand, I promise.” She tells me.

“I don’t know how to tell him though, that’s the problem.” I say whilst fiddling with my fingers.

“You’ll find a way, trust me.” She smiles.

“Thanks Gemma, I love you.” I pull her into a hug which she returns.

“I love you too Em, now I think you should go to bed.” She laughs and I agree, after saying goodnight to everyone I make my way inside and hear a bang in the kitchen.

A confused look appears on my face as I make my way to the kitchen but find no one there, when I check on Lillie she’s fast asleep. I couldn’t be bothered checking on Harry, instead I go to bed and decide it was probably just the wind making something fall.


Harry’s P,O.V


I can’t sleep at all, I continue to toss and turn in my bed and finally decide to get up and get a drink but something brings me to a halt

“I don’t know how to tell him though, that’s the problem.” I hear Emily’s voice say.

“You’ll find a way, trust me.” Gemma replies.

I walk closer to the kitchen window where I could finally see Gemma and Emily talking.

“Thanks Gemma, I love you.” Emily pulls Gemma into a hug.

“I love you too Em, now I think you should go to bed.” Gemma laughs as she pulls away from the hug, Emily agrees and I quickly run to my bedroom, knocking a cup over on my way but decide not to turn around to pick it up, I couldn’t get caught.

I finally found myself drifting off to sleep but I couldn’t help but think if she was talking about me…what would she need to tell me anyway? I thought we never kept anything from one another.

I didn’t know the answer but I was going to find out, and soon.





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