Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


10. Chapter 10

Hey! It's chapter 10 woo! 

So i don't know whether my chapters are short or long so please comment if you want my chapters to be longer or if they're okay like this, and thanks for commenting, favouriting and liking my story! I hope you like this chapter:-) Enjoyyy x



When we landed in America it was extremely hot and I was glad I had decided to wear shorts, once we had collected our suitcases we met with a few security guards who led us through the mob of fans all wanting a piece of Harry along with the paparazzi.

We finally made it to the car after pushing through the crowds of people and Harry apologising over and over again for not being able to stop to talk to them, apparently it was ‘too dangerous’ for him to do that. I let out a sigh as I sat back in my seat and Harry began talking to Paul who was driving the car.

“Fan’s found out the hotel we were staying in so we had to change over to another one.” Paul tells us as we slowly made our way out of the airport car park but fans were surrounding the car so it took a while.

“They’re crazy.” I mumble, looking out of the car window to see fans crying, screaming and running after us.

“Sure are.” Paul laughs as we pull onto the main road, finally free from the fans.

It was around four o’clock when we made it to the hotel, we were met by Niall and Zayn in the lobby as Paul checked us in, apparently I was sharing a room with Harry but I didn’t mind.

“How are you?” Niall asks as he pulls me into a hug, “It’s been so long since we last saw you!” He continues.

“I’m great you?” I reply to his question as we pull away from one another.

“Good, tired but good.” He smiles.

I quickly said hello to Zayn and we had a small conversation before Paul came over to give me and Harry our key card to our room.

“We’ll meet you down here at around half 5, we’ll go to one of the restaurants here for a meal.” Paul tells us, Harry nods and we make our way to our room.

“This hotel is massive.” I tell Harry as we walk through the corridors to get to the lift.

“This is just part of it, wait until you see the rest!” He replies, I assume he’s been here before last time he toured in America.

We finally make it to our room and there’s two double beds, an en suite and balcony. Our bags were already brought up by the hotel staff which I was thankful for, I didn’t have the energy to drag my suitcases all around this hotel.

“I’m taking a shower.” I shout to Harry, he was on the balcony looking out onto the resort. He replies with an ‘okay’ and I grab a white lace dress from my suitcase and take it into the shower.

I wash my hair and body with the hotel supplies which to my surprise they weren’t so bad and then stepped out of the shower and got ready knowing Harry would probably want to shower before we meet up with everyone again for a meal.

I dry my hair quickly and decide to finish my hair and makeup in the room. Harry was led on his bed watching TV when I exit the bathroom.

“What you watching?” I ask as I settle myself in front of the mirror to start on my make up, I didn’t go over the top with it seeing as it was so hot.

“SpongeBob square pants.” He tells me which makes me laugh, he still loved his cartoons.

“Hey you can’t blame me; it was either this or a black and white film.” He defends himself but ends up laughing too.

“Yeah sure it was.” I reply to him as I plug in my straighteners, deciding to straighten my naturally wavy brown hair.

“Well I’m going to get a shower, I won’t be long.” He pats my head as he passes me causing me to swat his hand away.

“Okay.” I say as I’m left in the room on my own, I soon hear the water running followed by Harry singing which makes me laugh but I listen to him anyway whilst I did my hair.


An hour later and me and Harry were ready, we decided to go down to the bar in the lobby and wait for everybody seeing as there was nothing else to do in the hotel room.

When we arrive at the bar Lou, Tom and Lux were already there and Harry and I greeted them as we ordered drinks for ourselves.

“You ready for the show tomorrow?” I hear Lou ask Harry as I pulled funny faces at Lux who was sat on my lap, she giggled at me and pulled one back.

“Yep sure am! I can’t believe the tour’s almost over.” He tells Lou, taking a sip of his drink.

“Harry!” I hear someone shout from the other side of the lobby, interrupting what Lou was going to say. I turn my head along with everyone else to see Louis, he came running over and said hi to everyone before noticing I was here.

“Emily! I’ve not seen you in a while!” He tells me giving me a quick hug even though Lux was sat on my knee.

“I know! It’s been a long time, how’s you and Eleanor?” I ask him as he takes a seat next to Tom.

“We’re great, she came out here last week actually.” He replies.

“I really should text her one time to meet up with her.” I say, I’ve only met Eleanor a few times but we got along great and agreed to meet up some time but we haven’t had time too yet.

“Yeah you should, you too would make great friends.” He smiles.


We all continue to talk as we waited for everyone else to join us and when they finally did we made our way to the restaurant, which I found out was Chinese.

I sat next to Niall and Harry on the big table, there was quite a lot of us here. I caught up with the boys whilst we waited for the food and Paul brought up our holiday to Greece, everyone wished us a good holiday which we thanked them for. Overall it was a good night and the food was delicious, it was nice to catch up with everyone, the last time I saw them all was last year when they performed at Madison Square Garden, I had joined Harry’s family along with the rest of the boys’ families for the concert which was amazing.

By the end of the meal me and Harry were exhausted so decided to go to bed whilst everyone else continued onto the bar for a few more drinks.

Once we stepped into our room I ripped off my heels which were killing my feet and made my way to my suitcase which was still filled with clothes, I was too tired to sort them out and I knew we’d be on the tour bus tomorrow night so there wasn’t any point in packing my clothes away in the drawers and wardrobes.

I quickly got changed into some shorts and a vest top and had a quick wash before jumping into my bed, which was extremely comfy. Harry soon got into his and we turned the lights out but left a film playing on the TV even though we were both too tired to watch it.

“Night Em, love ya.” Harry says tiredly.

I roll over onto my back and reply to Harry, “Love you too, night.” I yawn.

After a few minutes I could hear Harry’s soft snores and figured he was already asleep and soon I was falling asleep too with the thought of knowing Harry and I could never love each other in any other way other than friends, even if he did want us to be more than friends I couldn’t do that to him…




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