to my mates

This is one of my night's creations, when I was fighting with depression and anorexia.


1. one and only chapter

There are so many people in the world,
Don’t try to think, that you’re all alone
I know, it takes some time to realize,
That you can find a hope or an advice.


Don’t hide around the corner,
Share your feelings that just bother.
We will help you to survive,
To feel secure and still alive.


Enough to fight against the wall,
You built between yourself and world.
You must live on and break it all,
To find true self inside dark shelf.


I just need to know, that you’re okey,
When you need me, just call my name.
I understand you more than you’d imagine,
‘Cause I’m just like you – so scared and so fragile…

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