Back and FInding you

Hi I am Skylar Holly Lousing I was Best friends with Louis Tomlinson when I was young My parents got divorced and I was made to move to England I was about 12.Its been 8 Years and my Dads letting me go back to visit my Mom my Beasty is also going she Loves 1D but not me I hate them her Name is Lulu I haven't seen my Mum for 8 years and know I am 17 I am so happy to be going back. I have long blond hair that's wavy and blue eyes like my Mum Lulu has dark hair and its also wavy she is awesome .What Happens when I am Kidnapped by 1D and so is Lulu. I have a cat he is Black with blhue eyes his name is Prince. well here we go.. Hope you like.. will they become friends or more with Louis being with Eleanor ruin any thing they can have??? FIND OUT


2. CHapter 2

We walked up to the Gate and walked through "SO tell me what your Mum looks like." she said smiling "she has Blond hair and Big Blue eyes we look a lot alike ." I said and smiled we started talking till we both fell asleep.  I woke up to the Plane saying "we are here at Doncaster." I woke Lulu up "COME ON." I yelled and she jumped but pulled back down by her belt I laughed at her "Oh shut up." .We got off and their stood my Mum he blond hair curly and blue eyes a light darker my eyes are like a Ice color hers are a dark water color "Mum" I said she turned and smiled I saw a baby bump then I saw it I hated her I stopped and looked at Lulu "I cant do this she is having a another kid."  I said and was turning to the desk person "when can I get two tickets to London?" I asked the man he looked at me and smiled "Next week" I sighed "Okay Ill take two for next week." I said he gave me the tickets I gave them to Lulu "we stay I guess for the concert." she smiled my Mum must have noticed what had happened and started crying. A Man walked up to her and started calming her "were going to a hotel okay Lulu." I said loud so my Mum could know she nodded and we got our stuff "Hello and have a good life with that and him." I said to my Mum she stared at me "I DONT WANT ANYTHING WITH THAT BABY OR THING OF HIS" I yelled to her she looked at me " But sky." I stopped only her and Dad and Louis could call me that "you lost that right come on Lu." I said "Okay sky." we started walking and then that guy had his hand on my arm "Get the FUCK off me." I yelled at him "I am Garry Listing  you are Kasey's daughter I am her new husband and I am the father of the baby." I glared at him saying with my eyes (DO YOU THINK I GIVE A FLYING FUCK FOR YOU OR HER OR THE THING IN HER.") I looked back at her and flung my another arm at him smacking him back handed he let go I grabbed my stuff and Lulu and heir's and we walked away my mother balling I turned around and he's on his knees trying to calm her "you are not my Mother anymore you can to that thing but I am not its sister good-bye I am going to stay in a apartment with Lulu." I said calmly and we left.( the next day is the concert Louis Pov) looking at a picture of me and Skylar her with her dog he died along with our friend ship my phone vibrated oh goodie Gossip site I read out loud "Daughter of Prime Minster of England Skylar and her best friend Lulu just landed back in Doncaster to live with Mum when she found out she married and pregent with Garry's baby she slapped Garry and left the airport she will be leaving next week attending 1D concert in the front row she doesn't like them very much but Lulu loves them  here's a picture" their is Skylar older wow she's hot. Eleanor walked in "Lou who is that." she asked pointing to Skylar "an old friend" I said she smiled and said okay "well come on we got to get to the Arena its in a few min before you have to go on." she said I said okay and got ready. At the  arena we were on stage and getting ready to preform when she walked in her blond hair curly and her friend smiling and their talking I am just looking at her she looked up probably to see she spoke the next thing  loudly  "LOUIS!?!?" she almost yelled I smiled but she was looking like she was crying Lulu looked at me then her she shook her head no and they sat down in front of me "L-Louis" she said again her voice a bit lower "Yes." I said swallowing "Is it really you Sky.?" she looked up their are those eyes the blue eyes like ice "DONT CALL ME THAT YOU LOST THAT LOUIS TIMLNSON" she yelled at me making Paul flinch "I will not stay and lesson to him sing..!!" she said to her friend her friend was begging her to stay "your the one who said I should be a pro singer I just lessoned to you." I said shrugging she got up walked on to the stage and slapped me "OW GOD DAME IT SKYLAR WHAT WAS THAT FOR" I yelled at her "for giving me heart ack when I had no one not even my best friend would help me" she yelled at me I felt myself starting to cry she just looked at me crying herself "I only did it cause you were leaving me and I dint want to be the one that got hurt." I said whispering she looked up at me "I don't care you left me its going to take time for us being friends cause I HATE YOU LOUIS!!" she said it hurt it made me flinch I had to get that friend ship back I miss her so much I know Ill kidnaped her I mean she already hates me I guess her friend to. (the concert starts and finishes0)

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