The Depths Of Asgards Prisons (Loki Laufeyson romance story)

When the rogue time traveller DD finds the land of Asgard she become intriged by its landscapes and secrets and seeks a place in the palace. Whilst she stays at Asgard she finds the entrance to the prisons which only holds one person, the black haired god of mischief, what will become of her adventure?


1. A New Land

I glanced at the screen that showed me the world outside my time machine. This time I let the time machine take me to a different planet, a land that I had never been to before. The land had a glowing tint of gold to it, it wasn't bright or dull, it was Hazey, it was a nice colour. I think that I must be on some God like planet, no other race could make such beautifully sculpted buildings and the way the people dress here is outstanding and God- like and the way all the people move is very swift and smooth also God-Like. I looked at another screen. It told me about the planets name, history, race and leaders.
I was in Asgard and the race was made up of God's, I smirked I was so brilliant sometimes, the leader or all-father was Odin who had two sons, one was Thor, oh I knew who he was, God of Thunder and keeper of the hammer and then there was another guy, Loki he was the God of Mischief but according to the records he was missing and there wasn't nearly enough information about him as there was on Thor. I grabbed my coat from the rack and slid it on (Her outfit: It was time to explore this planet and maybe see if I would be able to stay here for a while, time travelling does take a lot of stress and it makes you quite tired.
I yawned as I walked outside and locked the door, placing the keys in my lock and locking it the time machine then changed to invisible mode and it place was notified on my phone so I wouldn't lose where it was, it would be quite a problem if I lost such a machine. As I walked along I looked up at the sky and noticed two two moons, I raised my eyebrow, it was quite rare to get two moon planets, you either got one moon or three moons.
"Hey!" I looked and noticed a black haired woman approaching me, she was looking quite confused. "Who are you and how did you get here?" She demanded, not in an angry tone but in a confused one.
"I'm the Doctor's Daughter, you can call me DD and I traveled here in my time machine" I answered, her expression changed from confused and amazed.
"A time lord? In Asgard? Wow" She murmured and then looked at me again. "There aren't many of you left are there?" She added.
"Just me and my father, but it's ok" I answered, she then motioned me to follow her. "That is your name, might I ask?" I questioned, walking along beside her and we made our through the streets, towards the golden castle, where I assumed we were going.
"Oh, my apologies, my name is Lady Sif, I am good friends with Thor and if your wondering we are going to talk to the All-father, he would love to meet you" She said smiling widely. Sif had long black hair, tied up into a high ponytail and grey kind of plain looking colored armor.

We soon reached some large golden doors, this place sure did love the colour gold and they opened immediately to reveal a large hall, filled with a few figures.
"When we reach the All-Father, we have to bow" Sif whispered as we as we our way towards the two thrones, I saw a few people stand up, including, who I presumed was the all-father, Odin, he had long grey hair and a gold eye patch covering his left eye and a long dark red cloak and he was also wearing armor, what is it with these Asgardians and having to wear armor all the time.
"Lady Sif, may you introduce us to this Midguardian" Odin said as soon as we had bowed down to him.
"Sir, I'm afraid you are incorrect with your information, this is the daughter of the well known Doctor" She said, looking at him but don't directly in the eye.
"Oh my, I'm truly sorry to mistaken your identity, it's ones honor to meet you" Odin said, coming up to me and shaking my head, ok then people liked to be formal around here then.
"it's also an honor to meet you to" I said back to him, he grinned and then  motioned for me to turn around and face the other people in the room.
"This, is my beloved wife, Frigga" I looked at the woman he was pointing at and was a woman with two long blonde strips of hair coming over her shoulders she wore a plain blue dress. "This is my son, Thor" Thor was dressed in sliver armor and also had a long bright rad cloak. "And here are my most treasured guards and soldiers, Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun and Sif, whom you have already met" He said, pointing at each of them, I nodded in understanding.
"It's a pleasure to meet you all" I said and then turned to the All-father. "I was wondering, would it be ok if I stay here for a bit, I wish to explore the lands around her" I asked him hesitantly.
"That would be splendid! To have such an important person here, your chambers will be made straight away" He declared and motioned for two guard to leave the room and prepare my room. I smiled, it would be brilliant to find out more about this world, my curiosity has got the better of me.

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