Just My Luck

Ally is an 18 year old girl, who loves singing! She attends Juliard in NYC. When Justin Bieber is looking for a new background singer, everything in Ally's life changes... despite the fact that she isnt really a huge fan of Justin...


3. Delays and Frustration

Ally's POV

We arrived at the airport ready to board when we were stopped by the front desk and they said that our flight was rescheduled for tomorrow.


Mom- What do you mean our flight was rescheduled?!

Manager- Something happened to our plane that goes to Florida, so we're working on it today so that you guys can get your flights for tomorrow.

Mom- Ugh, okay. So i guess that means we have to find a hotel tonight.


I had my ear bubs in when a bunch of screaming girls ran past us and had signs. I couldn't read their signs because they were flailing them around like crazies. I just turned my music up and blocked them out. Drake was on and i was mouthing the words to my mom and she was looking at me like i was crazy or something. Then she had to say something really stupid to get me started....


Mom- Why can't you be normal and like someone like Justin Bieber or something? Hmm? Be like a girly girl and not listen to the crap you listen too...


Mom- Why? What's so bad about him? He's a little cutie.

Ally- Thats exactly whats wrong.. everyone is blinded by his looks and they dont realize how much of a bad singer he is. It's just really annoying. He's annoying, i would rather die than listen to him.

Mom- Lets not be that dramaztic...

Ally- Whatever just please find a hotel...

Mom- I'm looking but they are all booked... I dont know why?

Ally- Great..


Justin's POV 


Scooter- Come on bro, we're gunna get a hotel room down there so we dont have to wake up extra early tomorrow.

Justin- Alright, let me just grab my bag and a pillow and we can head out. Is Kenny coming with us?

Scooter- Yeah, just in case you wanna go somewhere and i cant go with you.

Justin- Oh, alright. Lets head out.


We got in the car and left the hotel that we were currently staying at because that's where the first show is going to be at. It was an hour drive to get to the airport, and its a good thing that Scooter called ahead of time to reserve a room because they were filing up fast because in the 3 hours of Scooter and i coming up with the idea of going to New York, fans found out and are going to wait outside to see me. The hotel we were going to be staying at, barely has anyone in it and its also in the middle of no where... I really hope no one finds this place.


Ally's POV

My mom is still looking for a hotel to stay at while our flight goes for tomorrow to New York. It's really annoying, because its getting late and the closest hotel is like forever away.... We're at a restaurant eating cheapo food... 


Ally- Mom, how about that hotel over there?

Mom- I dont see a hotel...

Ally- Behind that tree... the flashing light?

Mom- Oh i see it, lets pay for the food and go over there.

Ally- Alright, lemme use the bathroom really fast?

Mom- Okay, i'll be waiting in the car.


I went to the bathroom, and there were a bunch of girls in there talking about Justin stupid Bieber. Like seriously what do these girls see in him? I went to the bathroom and i was washing my hands and the girls were staring at me like i was an alien.. I had my drake concert shirt on and sweat pants. They were all dressed fancy and crap.. Whatever i wasnt in the mood to talk to them until one of the blonds decided to try my life..


Blond- Oh are you a hobo? I can give you some spare change...

Ally- Very funny, but last time i checked Prince Charming isnt looking for a skank of a snob like you.

Blond- Ugh, whatever...


The blond and her friends walked away, and i went out to get in the car with my mom. We were pulling into a parking lot, and there was barely any parking spots left. We finally spotted one and went to pull in when a black Ferrari sped into the parking lot and stole our spot in like 3.5 seconds. A guy figure came out of the passenger side, and a 17 year old looking boy with brown hair got out of the drivers side. From where i was sitting he looked pretty cute! On the other hand, my mom decided to get out of the car and make a scene!



Ally- Mom, get back in the car!

Boy- I'm so sorry ma'am i can move if you want me to?

Mom- That would be nice!?

Ally- MOM?! Just go park over there?!!

Boy- No, i insist, take my spot. I'm so sorry ma'am!


My mom got back in the car and waited for the boy to back out of the spot and move his car. I waited until the older man and boy went inside to i guess check in. I got my luggage out of the back and started rolling my bag to the door. I had my stuffed dog in one hand, and my pillow on top of my luggage bag in the other hand. I got the dog from my dad right before he passed away, i was 14 when he died in a horrible car accident. My dad and i were extremely close and did everything together, and he used to call me his pup. The day before he passed away, he came home with this stuffed dog, and ever since then its been like my "safety blanket". 

I was standing by the front door waiting for my slow mother to grab her luggage from the back of the car. I looked through the sliding doors to see the boy and man standing there checking in. They looked extremely familiar to me, but i wasnt about to worry about it. They finally walked away and my mom and i walked in to see if they had any rooms. They had one left and we got it. We took the elevator up to the 2nd floor and found our room, 234, we walked in and put our stuff down and got ready for bed, and ready for our big day tomorrow.


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