Just My Luck

Ally is an 18 year old girl, who loves singing! She attends Juliard in NYC. When Justin Bieber is looking for a new background singer, everything in Ally's life changes... despite the fact that she isnt really a huge fan of Justin...


8. Because...

Ally's POV

The second i put my headphones in, and put my head against the window.. i was out! I could feel the person next to me getting situated in the seat, but i was just to lazy to open my eyes and see who it was. After about 15 minutes, i decided i should wake up because i dont wanna be up late tonight. When i opened my eyes, i was in such disbelief. The guy that i dislike with all of my heart was sitting right next to me. He spoke my name like her knew me... I dont remember telling him my name though? Weird... after talking for about 5 minutes, the one question i was hoping that wouldnt come up,  came up... And i wasnt sure how i was going to answer the question....


Justin- Are you gunna answer my question? or are we just gunna awkwardly sit here?

Ally- Sorry, what was the question again?

Justin- Why dont you like me?

Ally- Because.....*Think of something Ally, dont act stupid?!* I dont like your attitude about things. 

Justin- My attitude?

Ally- Yeah, how you're always so cocky about things. And how you always expect things to go your way. I just find it extremely obnoxious. 

Justin- Wow, i never had someone tell me how it really is..

Ally- Yeah well its about time, now if you dont mind i would like to try to have a peacful flight without someone annoying me.

Justin- Oh, i'm sorry.. yeah okay.


And with that, i closed my eyes again because i didnt wanna continue the conversation we were having. Even though i really shouldnt sleep again, but i couldnt help it. 


Justin's POV

My attitude? Really.. How rude could she get? But i guess she's right. I have been pretty rude lately, treating Krystal like crap and stuff. Speaking of her, i should call her when i land. I need to talk to her about some things. 


-10 minutes later- 


Ally is still asleep, except now she's leaning on me. I dont think she knows shes cuddling my arm. She looks so beautiful sleeping, and peaceful. The flight is ending in about 15 minutes, so should i wake her now? or in 15 minutes... I better do it now...


Justin-*whispers* Ally.. wake up...

Ally- Hmmm?

Justin- The flight lands in 15 minutes..

Ally- Oh, thanks that's sweet of you to wake me up.


She was still holding on to my arm, i really didnt want her to let go, but i knew she would realize and jerk away from me.


Ally- Oh im sorry, i didnt mean to cuddle your arm. It's an automatic reaction when i sleep and someone is there. I'm really sorry..

Justin- It's okay, i kinda liked it *smiles*

Ally-*blushes* oh, haha well um thanks again for waking me, it was kinda nice riding the plane with you, maybe you arent that bad of a guy Justin. 

Justin- Maybe? Hahaa...

Ally- Bye Justin.

Justin- Bye beautiful *i said under my breathe*


I waited outside the gate for Scooter to get off, and as i waited, i put my hat on and sunglasses again. I got my phone out and texted Krystal.


*New Text*


To Krystal<3:

Hey babe, i just got off the plane.. but maybe later i can call because i need to talk to you.


From Krystal<3:

Hiya cutie, im glad you're safe.. and sure what's it about?


To Krystal<3:

Yeah, i'm just waiting for Scooter, and it's about US....




Hey guys, im really sorry i havent updated in a while, i just got back from a family vacation and i was busy everyday. I promise ill update again later tonight(: hope you like the chapter, and comment your feedback. Thanks guy! Love you.


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