Just My Luck

Ally is an 18 year old girl, who loves singing! She attends Juliard in NYC. When Justin Bieber is looking for a new background singer, everything in Ally's life changes... despite the fact that she isnt really a huge fan of Justin...


4. Amnesia...?

Justin's POV

It was close to 12 o'clock at night, and i was driving to the hotel that Scooter booked us. All Scooter talked about on the car ride to the hotel was how he couldnt believe that Sally quit on us out of no where, and to be honest it was getting pretty annoying. I saw the light to the hotel and drove as fast as i could just to get out of this car. I sped right into an open spot, well atleast i thought it was open....



Girl- Mom, get back in the car!


Her beauty, her eyes, her cheeks, her smile, her voice. It was perfect! She was like an angel from heaven it's self. Oh shit i should answer them before i look stupid for just staring...


Justin- I'm so sorry ma'am. I can move if you want me to?

Women- That would be nice?!

Girl- MOM?! Just park over there?!

Justin- No, i insist, take my spot. I'm so sorry ma'am!


And with that i got in my car. I parked over towards the back of the hotel, and i got out and ran over to Scooter who was inside checking in. All i could think about was the girl outside, she was beautiful. I know I have Krystal, but it was like i had sudden amnesia when i saw that girl outside. She's obviously staying here at this hotel... I just need to see her again. I know! I'll buy flowers as an apology for the commotion i caused them . I just need to find out what room they are staying in..


Scooter and i went up to the room which was on the 2nd floor room 235. The manager offered to take our bags up to the room using the elevator, but i told them i wanted to get my exercise in so ill take the stairs. I reached the room and started to get ready for bed, and i was about to take a shower when i realized there wasnt any towels in the room, i had Scooter run down stairs so i could call the front desk and put in my order of flowers for that girl and her mom tomorrow morning.


Ally's POV

All last night i couldnt stop thinking about that kid. Even though i didnt get to see his face, he seemed cute. If that even makes sense.. Anyways, the phone on the night stand rang, and i answered it.


Front Desk- Hi, im sorry to bother you this morning, but there is a gift down in the lobby for you.

Ally- Oh, umm.. Okay ill be down in a minute.

Front Desk- Okay, bye.


I was still in my sweat pants and i had a tank top on, so i threw a hoodie on and took the elevator down to the lobby. There was a young brown haired boy sitting on the couch in the lobby with flowers, i didnt wanna make eye contact with him because i looked like such a hobo it wasnt even funny, and i think it was the boy from last night.

I walked over to the front desk and asked them for the gift, and they pointed in the boys direction. Joy i have to turn around and make eye contact, thats exactly what i was trying to avoid! 


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