Just My Luck

Ally is an 18 year old girl, who loves singing! She attends Juliard in NYC. When Justin Bieber is looking for a new background singer, everything in Ally's life changes... despite the fact that she isnt really a huge fan of Justin...


7. Airplane (Prt. 2)

Ally's POV

We've been sitting in the waiting area of this airport for 30 minutes waiting to be called to get on the plane. I'm sitting in the seat that faces the big window looking out at the planes with my back to the crowed of busy people rushing to get to their flights. My mom is reading a book, and im trying to find Gabby's number in my phone so i can text her. We used to text all the time,  but this past year we'd only text eachother like once every 3 months.. but i wanted to get in complete contact with her because i had to tell her something! 

To Gabby<33

Hey girl! I miss you so much and i have so much to tell you!


-1 minute later- 


From Gabby<33

Hey love. i miss you too! I'm too excited to see you next week! And go for it you know im always here to listen(:


To Gabby<33

Well i wanna tell you in person, but i need to see you soon! I'm leaving to get on my flight soon, so maybe i can rent a car later and meet you at our old spot?


From Gabby<33

Of course girl(: I can tell its about a guy, because we never meet at our old spot unless its about a guy :b


To Gabby<33

Yeah, but im pretty sure it will NEVER happen because of the way i reacted, and he will never have time to see me... but idk why im jumping to conclusions because i dont even like him, and he doesnt like me.. well atleast i dont even know if he knows my name...


From Gabby<33 

Well be safe on your flight and ill see you soon pickle butt.<3(:


To Gabby<33

Okay, love you potato brain<3


I put my phone away, and i heard the announcer call our flight to start boarding. My mom put her book away and grabbed our bags and we got on the plane. My mom took her seat, and i took mine. I put my headphones back in my ears and closed my eyes. I felt someone sit down next to me, but i didnt feel like opening my eyes. It would probably be some old creepy man and i was not in the mood to kick anyones ass. i kept my eyes closed and all i could think about was Justin... i feel bad that i was extra rude to him, but i just dont think he is what everyone thinks he is.. idk, but i couldnt get his face out of my head.. the hurt look on his face when i kinda snapped at him, what am i saying.. stop thinking about that loser. ughhhh! I just need to talk to Gabby.


Justin's POV

When i got back to from the bathroom, i heard the man over the speaker making an announcement that we can start boarding. Scooter was on his phone, and he looked at me and put his phone in his pocket and asked if i was ready, i nodded and grabbed my beats and headed for the plane. Scooter went ahead of me, and found his seat first. He was 4 rows behind me and the the right of the plane, i was to the left. When i sat down, there was a girl sitting there with her head phones in and her eyes closed. She was listening to Drake, because she had her headphones pretty loud.. She didnt budge at all when i sat down. So i didnt bother trying to make conversation with her, because she might be a crazy fan, I put my hood up and my sunglasses on so no one could recognize me.


-20 minutes later- 


We've been in the air for about 15 minutes now, and i'm trying not to fall asleep because i didnt wanna mess up my sleeping schedule. The girl next to me was moving, and i was bracing myself for when she woke up and realized who i was. She sat up, and i couldnt believe me eyes?!


Justin- Ally?

Ally- hmmm?

Justin- I'm starting to think you're following me...haha

Ally- Who are you? where am i?

Justin- Its me, Justin? And you're on a plane to New York...

Ally- Are you kidding me? I'm trying to get away from you, and you're the one following me?!

Justin- Im not following anyone... im doing my job..

Ally- Well im moving. 

Justin- No, please dont go?

Ally- I ment im moving to a new state.. i'm going to a school in new york.

Justin- Oh, i knew that...

Ally- See you are stalking me...?!

Justin- No, i ment like i knew you were moving to New York..

Ally- You're just proving my point more....haha

Justin- I ment like not moving seats. Gosh haaha

Ally- I know, im just messing with you popstar.

Justin-oh... haha, but can i ask you something?

Ally- Yeah, sure?

Justin- Why dont you like me?

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