The Oblivion

One morning, Dottie Rivena wakes up, and it's gone. All of it. Everyone on earth, except for MaryJane Bradigan, and Joel Matos, is gone. That's not normal right?

After finding each other, they decide to go and look for everyone. But, where could they be? Little did they know, everyone else was killed, but no one lived to tell what is was that killed them.

Now, the tremendous trio must find out what happened to the others, and stop who, or what the killer is.


1. Prolouge

  I looked through my window, hoping to see the normal buildings, and sidewalk.

  Instead, I saw ruins. The normal building were now trashed, the people walking were now running, and as I looked beyond that, the Space needle began to tip.

  I jogged over to the other side of my room. 'If you ever need to protect yourself, use Mr.Wiggins' My father said, giving me the teddy bear I was now hugging. How is Mr.Wiggins going to protect me? I think that was the last time I saw my dad, which was about two days ago. 

  I strode back to the window, watching all of 'it' break loose. The Space Needle disappeared, the people ran faster, and then dropped like flies. I looked at Mr.Wiggins. "So you're the one who'll save me?" I asked, laughing a bit at how insane I sounded.

  "You bet kiddo." He replied. I stared at the inanimate teddy bear- holding it as far away from me as I could. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you." He said, clearly moving his fluffy face. 

  "Who are you, and why are you communicating with me through Mr.Wiggins," I asked interrogatively. Dad taught me how to get information, the smart way. "I want answers now."

  "Your dad programmed me to be able to understand what you're saying. So, I'm just Mr.Wiggins, and I'm going to help you." He answered, pointing at the picture of my dad and I. I miss my dad. "Any other questions, Dottie?"

  "No." I finished the conversation, and grabbed the one thing I didn't expect myself to grab in a situation like this. I grabbed Mr.Wiggins.

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