The Oblivion

One morning, Dottie Rivena wakes up, and it's gone. All of it. Everyone on earth, except for MaryJane Bradigan, and Joel Matos, is gone. That's not normal right?

After finding each other, they decide to go and look for everyone. But, where could they be? Little did they know, everyone else was killed, but no one lived to tell what is was that killed them.

Now, the tremendous trio must find out what happened to the others, and stop who, or what the killer is.


4. Chapter Three

  "Joel," I said calmly, "Where did you place the gun?" I don't trust this girl in front of me. She looked to be about my age, but why would she be in an underground government building?

  "Oh, the gun? Yeah, I didn't bring it." He said, reaching for the back of his neck. Idiot. He should have known to bring it. 

  "Don't worry," The girl said, reaching for her back pocket, " I've got one." She said, pointing it at me. Why me? "Drop the bear." She ordered. I wasn't going to argue. she picked Mr. Wiggins up, and inspected him. She finally unzipped his back, revealing the circuits.

  "Who are you?" Joel asked. 

  "Where did you get the bear?" The girl asked, messing with Mr.Wiggins. " The wiring, only a-"

  "Scientist could do that. Yeah, I know, my dad had it made for me," I explained, " He's a government official. What about you?"

  " My dad, well, I never knew my dad. My mom is a CIA agent. She shipped me here under the Witness Protection Program." She explained, choking a bit on the part about her dad. She doesn't seem so dangerous. 

  "That sucks, " Joel said, blatant of how hard that must have been for her. "We were looking for people, have you seen anyone?" He asked.

  "No, not for about three days." She admitted, "I haven't even seen the outside. Is it bad?" She asked.

  "You have no idea," I said, leading her outside. Her reaction was priceless. She gasped so loud it echoed, and when she saw the deconstructed buildings, she looked like she was going to cry. "And, it gets worse. Planes crashed, windows smashed, and there's nobody in sight." I continued. 

  "How? How could it possibly be any worse?" She asked, looking at the gray-orange-yellowish sky. "Where could every one have gone?" She yelled.

  "We don't know," Joel answered, "But, we're going to find them." He said, hugging her, as she had started crying into his shoulder. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at how cheesy and sensitive they were.


A/N- Hey wallflowers! How have you been? Have you been enjoying Oblivion so far? If so, good! Next chapter will be from Dottie's dad's perspective. Just to clarify that. See you next week!


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