The Oblivion

One morning, Dottie Rivena wakes up, and it's gone. All of it. Everyone on earth, except for MaryJane Bradigan, and Joel Matos, is gone. That's not normal right?

After finding each other, they decide to go and look for everyone. But, where could they be? Little did they know, everyone else was killed, but no one lived to tell what is was that killed them.

Now, the tremendous trio must find out what happened to the others, and stop who, or what the killer is.


7. Chapter Six

  We walked for what seemed like ages, Heather throwing the occasional glance, and each of us not knowing when to break the irritable silence. 

  "How could it have gotten this bad?" the brains of the team asked. Joel, who was obviously done with questions, or sound, gave her a classic 'are you kidding' look.

  "We don't know, we don't care. Lets go." That was about all we said until the sky started turning gray. The clouds began to drift over, covering the sun, and the wind picked up. We were surrounded by empty buildings, of course. We were the only ones that we knew were alive. "looks like we're camping out here." He said, kicking the door to a hospital open. It landed with an echoing thud. 

  The place was wrecked, we're talking paper everywhere, tipped over computers, it looked like the poor place had been hit by a tornado. Heather and I stood in the doorway for a while, until she realized that I was next to her, which then led to her scurrying to Joel. Pathetic. How come she relies on Joel for everything? 

  Either way, the lobby was creepy. "Well, come on." Joel said, grabbing me by the arm and dragging me out of the doorway. We tried the elevators, the computer which were in tact and as cliche as it sounds, none of it worked. Or only way to get through the abandoned hospital was to go through it ourselves. 

  "So, is anyone gonna start a conversation, or are we all just going to stand here and be awkward?" Joel asked. I glanced his way, and caught Heather's. Truce? She nodded, almost like she could read my mind. 

  "So, how about this weather?" I asked. Joel and Heather laughed, kicking papers out of the way. 

  "Absolutely spectacular. Almost like the townsfolk." She tried. Joel and I both shot her a look, and then forced some laughter so it wouldn't get quiet. We roamed through the corridors, kicking down any door we wanted, making a mess of the poor place. There was no one to be seen, even when we reached the top floor. 

  We began to make our way down, when the 'ever-skilled' Heather tripped down the stairs. She stopped at the fourth floor, the one with a window instead of a boring wall. It had begun to get dark.  "I guess we're camping out here then." I said, helping Heather up. We walked until we saw a door we must've missed. It was closed, and completely on its hinges. Something's not right.

  "Didn't we get every door?" Heather asked. 

  "I thought so, but I guess not." I said, shrugging her off me, and into a chair Joel had to set up. He motioned for us to stay by the wall. 

  "I'm not buyin' this," He walked towards the door slowly, "I'm sure I kicked down this door, right off its hinges. Stay here. I'll get you guys if it's safe. If I don't come back in five minutes, run. Until then, wrap her ankle." He tossed me a roll of bandage.

  "But, what if we don't?" I asked, crossing my arms. 

  "Then congrats, you've officially gotten yourself killed. Just do as I say." He turned away, and I began to unroll the bandage, still keeping my eye on the clock. He set his hand on the doorknob, and the door opened slightly. The lock was broken.


  I unrolled it faster, and picked up her ankle. She winced as I began to wrap it around her ankle.


  I was a third of the way through the roll, the sound of the bandage was the only sound present. 


  Half way. Wait, I need a safety pin... Oh well, just keep rolling. 


  "Almost done." I said, reassuring Heather. Hearing that wiped the pained expression off her face.


  Oh well, I thought as I substituted with a nurses pin that I found nearby.  It held. I watched each second go by as I helped her out of the chair. Joel should be coming back by now. A loud crash came from the room. "Joel!" She cried as she fought me to get to him. 

  "We need to go, now!" I told her, as we rushed down the stairs. "Go, go!" I yelled, nearly dragging her out of the entrance, not even a minute later.

  "What about Joel?" She asked, a look of terror and grief sweeping across her face. Great.

  "You get back to the Phoning Facility, and I'll be back as soon as possible." I yelled, sending her on her way, and myself back up the stairs to the fourth floor. I was winded when I reached the top of the stairs. I haven't done that much running in my life.

  I jogged to the only door that was sitting open, and peered inside. The room was empty, except for a smashed window, an open closet, and a tipped over hospital bed. "Joel?" I called. Please be alive, please be alive. "Joel?" I called again, walking into the open closet. 

  He was standing there, facing the wall, practically dumbfounded. "What the heck, Joel, we thought you were dead!" I yelled, pushing his shoulder, "What are you even looking-" The wall. He was looking at the wall, which had a stream of words, each written in a dark red ink.


Left, Straight, Right, Right, Straight, Left, Right, Straight 


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