The Oblivion

One morning, Dottie Rivena wakes up, and it's gone. All of it. Everyone on earth, except for MaryJane Bradigan, and Joel Matos, is gone. That's not normal right?

After finding each other, they decide to go and look for everyone. But, where could they be? Little did they know, everyone else was killed, but no one lived to tell what is was that killed them.

Now, the tremendous trio must find out what happened to the others, and stop who, or what the killer is.


2. Chapter One

  "Throughout this entire ridiculousness, you've actually been quite helpful." I whispered, to a broken Mr.Wiggins. The animatronic voice I was so used to, never played anymore. The warm fuzzy face seemed colder. And, it all seemed airier, although darker, and ominous.

  Taking in the same, empty scene I had the day before, I sat up. "Do you think someone will come for me, Mr.Wiggins?" I asked. The room was fully furnished, and nicely at that, with cream walls, and upgraded appliances. I looked down the hallway to see six doors, one being at the very end, and facing me.

  There was just something off about that door, I don't know what it was. I wanted to open it, but I kind of didn't. I put Mr.Wiggins onto the chair next to me, and used the leg to stand up. I followed my gut, and approached the door. 

  The door flew open, and there stood a boy. "Whoa!" He screamed, taking a step back, "Who are you, and why are you here?" He questioned, pulling a gun out from behind his back.

  "Dottie, Dottie Rivena. I don't know why I'm here, I just am." I said, raising my hands. Is this kid pyscho, or something?

  "Well that's helpful," He said, rolling his eyes. My god, he's catty-er than I am. "You got any kind of identification?" He asked.

  "No, but I have this teddy bear, my father gave it to me." I mumbled, speaking faster than normal.

  "And, you're father is?"

  "David Rivena, government official. Ring a bell, kid?"

  "Don't call me kid!" He yelled, scrunching up his nose. "Show me the bear." I walked him down the hallway to Mr.Wiggins.

  "He used to be able to talk, but a day or two ago, he stopped working right." I explained, showing him the circuitry. "I don't get why though." I shrugged.

  "Well, someone must have flipped this tiny switch," He said, re-animating Mr.Wiggins, "Otherwise, he would've stayed on."

  "Oh," I marveled. I feel like such an idiot. "So, who are you?" I asked, grabbing the gun from his hand. "I want an answer."

  "I'm Joel." I raised an eyebrow. "Joel Matos. My dad is senator of Maine."

  "Yes, and I couldn't care less." I replied, giving him the death glare, "Now, why are you here?"

  "My parents thought there was too much chaos going on in Maine three days ago, so they shipped me here. Private jet style."

  "Once again, I don't care. At least about the private jet. The same thing happened in Maine?" I asked, dropping the gun a little lower.

  "Yeah, you should have seen the Portland Observatory fall. It was epic." He said, not caring to masquerade the smirk on his face. 

  "It's not epic, Joel," I said, pointing the gun again. "Have you seen anyone, since you found yourself here?" 

  "No, well, yes," He said, as he walked to the fridge, "There's you."

  "Aside from me."

  "Oh, then no." He slammed the door shut, holding a slice of pizza in his other hand. He took a bite, and when he saw the look of disgust on my face, he froze. "You wa- sa?" He asked, keeping the pizza in his mouth. 

  "Are you seriously eating their food?" I asked. That's so rude. 

  "Well, no one else is here, so why not?" He asked, gesturing to the emptyness. He has a point, but I'm still not eating their food. Whoever's food it is. 

  "Look, we need to find the others," I said, peering out the window to my right. It was even more ruined and unkept than before. The sky was a light grey, and the fallen buildings looked like silhouettes, of mass destruction. Could there really be anyone out there? "It looks like a wasteland."

  "You'd think I'd never figured that out." He said, pouring a glass of juice. "Can we go tomorrow?" He asked, whining like a three- year old. 

  "You don't save what you can do today for tomorrow. Ever." I explained, hoping he would sense what I wanted. I want to find my dad, and the sooner the better. 

  "But, I'm thinking, we all need some 'R&R' if you get what I'm saying. As far as I can see, there's nobody out there. But, tomorrow, I promise, we can look." He said, as he grabbed a glass for me. Tomorrow it is then.

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