Finding myself

Nina is a 16 year old girl who is trying to find herself again after losing her memory.


1. Realisation

What was happening? I was in a room, it was all white. Strangers stood around me yelling at me. "Nina, Nina, can you hear me? Nina!" It was all going blurry. The car crash? Where was that? Who was driving? It was all slipping away from me now and it was... bliss. Blissful ignorance. That's what it was. Darkness was creeping in and they were still yelling. Except now it didn't even matter. It was funny. I didn't care. People were shaking me. It wasn't working. I took a breath in and released everything I had ever known. I could see blood but it felt like hot syrup. My eyes snapped open before I giggled and let go. Of live. Of everything I ever knew. Of myself. 


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