Finding myself

Nina is a 16 year old girl who is trying to find herself again after losing her memory.


4. Memories.

"She's only young. She's not even finished school. How will she cope?" A voice drifted over from the other side of the room. I felt a tear sliding down my cheek. "She's waking up!" I stared at them. The doctor, the nurse and a woman who wasn't dressed like them. She was wearing a tartan skirt and a black shirt. "Sweetheart?" She choked out. "I'm very sorry," the doctor said. "She won't remember you." The woman started to splutter and broke down in floods of tears. "Listen, you're called Nina, your father crashed the car on the way home from school. You have a very severe case of amnesia." The words were meaningless but I knew they were meant for me and me alone. I sat up and muttered, "Who am I?" He handed me a clipboard from the bottom of the bed. It read, Name- Nina Greenland. Date of birth- 19th July 1996. Case- Severe Amnesia. 

So, I am Nina and because I'm 16, I think, I'll have to go back to school. 

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