Finding myself

Nina is a 16 year old girl who is trying to find herself again after losing her memory.


3. Forgotten.

I opened my eyes. Were they mine? There were people stood around me. Who were they? Who was I? "Nina?" A voice from beside me muttered. A box was beeping beside me. The beeping was slowly speeding up. I sat up. The room was different. But what was normal? I think I was scared but I don't know because I didn't know what scared felt like. "Who's Nina?" Was that my voice? I guess it was. "You're Nina." A girl said from beside me. She must be about 18. "And you're my sister." She continued. I was sort of confused. "I don't have a sister and I'm not Nina." An older man shoved everybody away. He had a bandaged head. I didn't recognize him at all but he started to shake me back and forth screaming in my ear. "You are my daughter. Nina, don't be stupid, this isn't a joke." People were dragging him away but he wasn't angry anymore, he was crying and I think I was too. A nurse came and tipped something into my mouth. It was sour and disgusting but it was making such a warm feeling and it made me sleepy. So sleepy. My eyes drooped and I fell asleep. 

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