“Say it, Iri.” He hisses through gritted teeth. I shake my head, looking down to avoid his piercing blue eyes that were penetrating my own.
“Say it.” He repeats, louder this time. I shake my head once more before his arms are suddenly pinning me up against the brick wall behind me and my body is arched to his. I gasp in shock and his finger-tips press softly into my waist; causing me to shiver under his touch.
“Say it, Iri.” He smirks slightly, eyes trailing over my face and finally landing on my lips. I draw in a deep breath and look up to see his eyes mirroring my own.
“I-” My words are cut off by his lips crashing to my own.


6. Meeting Someone

Walking home the next day, I smile and plug my headphones in; letting the setting sun bathe my face in a gentle glow. I was in a bliss, everything felt right for once. It was the first time in years that I felt at peace with the world. A tap on my shoulder a few minutes later causes me to be dragged from my thoughts and take my headphones out.
"Hey, Iri." Harry Styles stands infront of me; eyes covered by dark glasses, curly hair by a dark green beanie.
"Hey." I say with a grin, putting my headphones into my bag.
"Thank you for today. It was great." He smiles, dimples coming to life. I nod and try to hide how surreal this feels. 
"You're very welcome." I reply and we begin walking side by side.
"Where are you going anyway?" I ask him, looking at the side of his face.
"To meet someone." He grins, looking shyly down at the floor.
"Well, have fun anyway. I'm sure it'll be great. See you tomorrow," I call, still finding that prospect strange. Harry waves to me as I turn the corner to the street the hotel is on. I greet the doorman and he opens the door for me, resulting in me smiling thanks. I see quite a large group of people waiting for the lift so I decide to take the stairs, even though we were on the second to top floor. I dig around for my key in my bag and from outside I can hear the music coming from inside.The moment I enter the room, I'm greeted by Mae running around like a headless chicken. Her hair is tied up in a knotty bun, face covered in a face-mask which is bright pink, she's wearing a pair of denim shorts and a bikini top and is dancing wildly as she rushes around the room to the music blasting from her phone.
"Mae!" I call over the noise but in her hurry she fails to notice me. I laugh as she continues to dance around and sing at the top of her lungs.
"Mae!" I shout, heading over and turning off the music. She stops and spins on her heels to face me, eyes wide.
"I got it!" She screams, causing my chest to leap.
"Congratulations!" I scream back, dropping my guitar case and bag onto the floor and rushing to hug her. We jump around whilst still hugging for several moments before she pulls back and smiles even wider.
"It gets better!" She announces, pulling away and heading into the bathroom. I follow her where she fills the sink up with water and begins to wash the face-mask from her face.
"Harry freaking Styles asked me to meet him!" She screams, face dripping with water as she reaches for a towel. I stare at her in disbelief. Harry Styles was 'going to meet someone' and that 'someone' was my bestfriend. No way. 
"Oh my god, Mae!" I cheer and laugh as she frantically tries to unravel her hair from the knotty mess it's in.
"Come here," I chuckle, pulling her head down and gently prying it free. She thanks me and lets it fall down loosely to her ribcage. I hadn't told her that One Direction were recording their latest album at the Studio because I was waiting until today. If she didn't get the part I was planning on giving her this news in a way of cheering her up. I planned to take her to work with me to meet them. But she'd got it which just made it even better.
"And I know they've been recording at your studio," She adds, causing my breath to hitch in my throat. 
"How did you know that?" I ask, smiling slightly as she begins to apply her make-up in the mirror.
"Twitter knows everything, Iri." She tells me with a knowing look and a wink. I roll my eyes at her and leave her to get ready.


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