“Say it, Iri.” He hisses through gritted teeth. I shake my head, looking down to avoid his piercing blue eyes that were penetrating my own.
“Say it.” He repeats, louder this time. I shake my head once more before his arms are suddenly pinning me up against the brick wall behind me and my body is arched to his. I gasp in shock and his finger-tips press softly into my waist; causing me to shiver under his touch.
“Say it, Iri.” He smirks slightly, eyes trailing over my face and finally landing on my lips. I draw in a deep breath and look up to see his eyes mirroring my own.
“I-” My words are cut off by his lips crashing to my own.


5. Chapter 5 - Tobacco Sunburst

"Good luck! You'll be fine!" I call as Mae waves goodbye before closing the room door behind her. It was Monday morning, our third week in America. I was loving it and the people were amazing here. The food was indescribable and the weather was beautiful. I couldn't ask for more. But... I just felt... Lonely. Mae was at the college five and a half days a week and on her day off I was usually working or she was practising for her audition. It was just Lee and another man called Blue who was the owner of the Studio at work so I didn't really have anyone else to talk to. They were nice enough but we were the to work and nothing else. Sighing slightly I shake my head and begin grabbing my bag off the side, my keys, phone and purse. I grab my glasses and push them on to my nose before heading out the front door. Plugging in my headphones, I indulge in the sound of Ed Sheeran's soft velvety voice. My thoughts shift to Mae and I pray to god that she gets the part. I knew how much it would mean to her and she's spent so many extra hours of her own time practising for it that it would crush both me and her if she didn't. As I round the corner to the studio, the sight infront of me makes me frown in confusion. A large crowd of people, mainly screaming girls, is surrounding a large black car parked outside and the entrance to the studio. I decide to go around the back and walk into the studio to find Lee and Blue standing at the window looking out. Blue looks stressed with a slight crease in his brow and Lee just looks.... well... overjoyed. 

"Would someone like to explain what's going on?" I ask, startling them. Lee turns to face me with a huge grin.
"Well, darling..." That was his new word. He had a new 'word' every week and I couldn't help but laugh at him sometimes.
"Only the biggest boy band in the world is coming in today!" He jumps around slightly before fluttering his face with his hand.
"And I must say, all of them are pretty ho-"
"I think it's best if you go and guide them round the back, Iri." Blue cuts off Lee with a stern look and I stifle a laugh. Blue was a serious man when it came to work but he was a big kid deep inside. He was bald with glasses similar to mine and his classic outfit was that of a black t-shirt and ripped jeans with worker-man boots, no matter what the weather.
"Why me?" I ask, putting my bag into my locker in the corner of the room.
"I'll go if you don't wa-"
"Iri is quite capable." Blue says sternly, eyeing Lee. I chuckle and Lee turns to face the window again; arms folded across his chest with a small 'humf'. Blue looks over his shoulder and winks at me as I make my way out the back and around to the front. The large black SUV is still stationary; all windows and doors closed. I can hardly get to it due to the mounds of girls still attempting to get as close as possible to it. I wait for several long minutes, turning to give an exasperated look over my shoulder at Lee and Blue through the window. The third time I do it, they begin pointing suddenly and I turn to see what they are pointing at. Three security guards have jumped out of the front of the vehicle and are slowly pushing the mounds of girls back. I push to the front and stop infront of the one about to open the door.
"Sorry, ma'am I'm going to have to ask you to-" The man starts to say but I cut him off by lifting up my employee badge that hangs around my neck for him to see. He scans it over then looks at me again, clearly undecided.
"I've been told by the manager to bring them round the back way. It'll be easier." I say, out of breath from all the pushing. The man contemplates this for a moment before nodding and opening the door. I turn as a boy begins to get out of the car. His hand is shielding his face so I can't tell who it is. I just lead them all round to the back of the building and open the door. The bodyguard, who was following close behind, comes to the front and holds open the door. I thank him and lead the band into the main studio where Lee and Blue are already waiting.
"Oh, Darlings!" Lee exclaims but I ignore him and slide my back down the wall until I'm sitting on the floor with my back resting against it to catch my breath. Letting my eyes slide shut, I try to concentrate on slowing my breathing. My head was swarming and I was seeing dark-spots. I didn't deal with crowds easily.
"Come, come, Darlings. Take a seat over there, can I get any of you little Darlings anything?" Lee asks, sounding flustered. 
"Tea? That's what they drink in England, isn't it? Do you want tea?" I hear a chorus of deep chuckles.
"No thanks mate, I'm okay." I hear a deep voice say and Lee then asks the others. They don't reply so I assume they're shaking their heads. 
"Can I have some water please?" One asks, voice gravelly. 
"Of course, Darling! What ever you want! I'll be right back. Just stay with Iri here and she'll get you started with everything. Won't you - Oh Iri!" Lee exclaims as he finally notices my slumped figure and rushes over to me in a flutter.
"I-I'm fine," I stutter, opening my eyes to be met by his concerned wide ones. 
"Are you sure, Darling?" He asks, frowning slightly. I nod and clutch my hand to my forehead before standing up and smiling at him.
"I'll be two minutes, Darlings." Lee gives me a reassuring smile and nod before skittering out of the room. I let my eyes slowly trail along the floor and up to eye-level.
"Are you alright?" A voice asks, Irish accent evident. That's when I look to see who the voice belongs to and my breath catches in my throat.

One Direction. One Direction... the biggest boyband in the world at the moment were here... at the studio I worked at... No wonder Lee was so happy about it. 
"A-are you here to record?" I ask, then immediately mentally kick myself. Was I stupid? The boy with curly brown hair and sparkly green eyes, otherwise known as Harry Styles, chuckles deeply.
"No, love. We're here to learn to paint." He chuckles and the others do too. In that moment I find myself giggling too, with freaking One Direction.
"Do you want to follow me?" I ask timidly, trying my best to stay calm. Mae will freak when I tell her about this! I bite back my grin as I lead them through the hall and into the second studio. 
"Right, did you need any instruments?" I wait for them all to be seated on the five stools set out in the booth before asking. The only blonde boy and only Irish, nods and smiles impishly at me; making my heart flutter. 
"Security said I couldn't bring my guitar so could I borrow one, please?" Niall Horan asks and I try to hide a smile at the way he says 'guitar'.
"They're in here," He follows me out of the booth, leaving the other boys chatting, and into the room off of the studio that has guitars lined in perfect order along the wall. I loved this room. It had a large window that overlooked the back of the studio where it was just the street behind this one. It was a quiet street with a few shops that mainly consisted of cafes, restaurants and the odd clothing shops. 
"Wow," Niall mutters whilst running his fingers over the strings of a deep blue Stratocaster that sits on a stand on it's own. I watch him as he drifts over to the edge of the room and his eyes land on my guitar that I had left here yesterday. It was a Fender Acoustic, Tobacco Sunburst. I loved it and even though it was a bit buffed up from my various gigs and small concerts, I liked it more that way.
"Can I take this one?" He asks, gently picking it up by the neck and smiling at me with his eyebrows raised. I bite my lip awkwardly.
"Er... That's actually mine but you can borrow it if you want." I smile back, proud that he took a shine to mine. He smiles thanks and I follow him back in to the studio.
"There they are!" Lee exclaims bustling Niall into the booth and shutting the door. I chuckle as he takes a seat and places the headphones over his ears, pulling a funny face at Liam Payne. Liam shakes his head with a grin and punches him softly in the arm from where he sits beside him. I take a seat beside Lee and begin to turn everything on; setting up the equipment and program.
"Okay, guys. What's first?" 

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