“Say it, Iri.” He hisses through gritted teeth. I shake my head, looking down to avoid his piercing blue eyes that were penetrating my own.
“Say it.” He repeats, louder this time. I shake my head once more before his arms are suddenly pinning me up against the brick wall behind me and my body is arched to his. I gasp in shock and his finger-tips press softly into my waist; causing me to shiver under his touch.
“Say it, Iri.” He smirks slightly, eyes trailing over my face and finally landing on my lips. I draw in a deep breath and look up to see his eyes mirroring my own.
“I-” My words are cut off by his lips crashing to my own.


2. Chapter 2 - Fresh Start



"Mae!" I call, stepping into the apartment three weeks later.
"In here!" She shouts back. I follow the sound of her voice and occasional curses into her bedroom. 
"Can you help?" She blows her fair hair out of her face and I hold back a laugh. She was slumped on top of an overflowing suitcase, her face hot and sweaty. 
"Get off," I shoo her away and she falls on to the floor with a defeated sigh. 
"I'm like, really excited and every thing but this whole packing thing is killing me. I can't deal with being organised," I shake my head and chuckle at her as I flatten down the clothes inside and manage to slide the zip shut. Mae had always left things to the last minute; being care-free and having a 'it'll happen in it's own time' attitude towards everything. I was the opposite; always wanting to be organised and have everything in order. Before I'd met Mae, I'd been seriously up-tight and she had taught me how to let loose every now and then. I'd done the same for her I guess, teaching her how to be organised and on top of things to a certain degree. But it wasn't always evident. 
"Thank you so much!" Mae exclaims, picking it up and dragging it over to the other  bright pink suitcase and hand bag sitting by the bedroom door.
"What time is the flight?" She asks me, brushing her hair out of her face with the back of her hand.
"Six." I reply and she groans before walking over and flopping on to her bed face down. 
"I can't get up that early!" She complains, voice muffled by the duvet and I shake my head.
"Do you want to go to America or not?" I ask and she lifts her head up to roll her eyes at me.
"Of course I do. To go to the dance college has been my dream since... since I was seven. But I can't get up that early." She kicks her shoes off and I pick them up as they hit the floor; placing them neatly at the end of her bed.
"Well then, go to sleep early." I tell her. 
"Night," She calls as I step out of her bedroom and into my own. Sighing, I look across at my bags that I had laid out. We were leaving at six in the morning tomorrow to catch the flight to Denver in America. I was excited... believe me but... I had nothing to do out there. Unlike Mae, who was going to one of the top Dance Academies, I would have nothing to do and be forced to stay at the hotel alone for most of the two years that we would be living there. I pull on my pyjamas and lay on my bed, unlocking my phone as I do so. Scrolling through the internet results, I click on the most appealing one. It was a website for a recording studio in Denver; a few minutes walk from the hotel we were staying at. I smile to myself as I read over the details and find a page inquiring for new staff. I send them a quick email, explaining what I was looking for and who I was, before locking my phone and placing it on the floor beside my bed. I snuggle under the covers; mind full of sunshine, recording studios and ballerinas. 

Stepping into the airport, I breathe in the warm foreign air. I loved that. The first breath of air you take when in a different country. It always felt so strange but... exciting. I turn my phone on and it buzzes immediately with notifications. I follow Mae over to where the suitcases were going around the conveyor belt; scrolling through my emails. She was telling me something about the dance college but I wasn't really listening as I open the message in my inbox.
"Yes!" I practically squeal, interupting Mae and causing a few strange glances to be thrown my way.
"What?" Mae spins on her heels to face me, face irritated at the fact that I'd interrupted her with my shrieking. 
"Grab it!" I point over her shoulder as our suitcases come down the belt at quite a pace. I grab mine and hoist it off, Mae doing the same.
"What did you scream for?" She asks, once we are towing our suitcases behind us and out of the airport. It was late afternoon and they were lines of taxis waiting outside of the airport. We trail over to one and after negotiating over price for a few moments, he agrees to take us to the hotel. We jump in and wait as the driver puts our bags in the boot of the car.
"I got that job!" I tell her, grinning widely.
"At the recording studio?" She asks, eyes lighting up. I nod and she does a little celebratory dance as the driver gets back in and starts the car.
"The next two years are going to be amazing," Mae exclaims, doing her seat belt up and grinning excitedly. I do the same and watch the blur of houses, fields and buildings rushing past the window with my stomach fizzling with excitement. 

Finally, a fresh start. 

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