“Say it, Iri.” He hisses through gritted teeth. I shake my head, looking down to avoid his piercing blue eyes that were penetrating my own.
“Say it.” He repeats, louder this time. I shake my head once more before his arms are suddenly pinning me up against the brick wall behind me and my body is arched to his. I gasp in shock and his finger-tips press softly into my waist; causing me to shiver under his touch.
“Say it, Iri.” He smirks slightly, eyes trailing over my face and finally landing on my lips. I draw in a deep breath and look up to see his eyes mirroring my own.
“I-” My words are cut off by his lips crashing to my own.


7. Breakfast



I hug my knees to my chest as I switch the lights off and grab my mug from the coffee table. I take my phone from my pocket and find Mae's number; sending her a text asking how it's going. She takes a while to reply and when she does I smile.
He took me to a cafe. It's so cute; I'll take you here sometime. Harry said he's got something to ask you tomorrow too. Don't know what, he won't tell me. See you later, M Xx
I frown slightly, confused as to what he'd want to ask. I text her back and then throw my phone onto the other sofa before switching on the tv and snuggling down. 


The next day, I wake up and shout goodbye to Mae. I wanted to get to the studio early and Lee had given me a key anyway so I could get in. Grabbing my guitar, I flip it onto my back and head out the door. 
Ten minutes later, I push the key in the door to the studio and step inside. Switching on the air conditioning, I dump my bag in my locker and take my guitar from it's case. Slipping the strap over my neck, I fix the cappo into place and begin to pluck the strings. Singing to myself I get lost in the lyrics and the guitar; allowing the feeling of playing wash through me.
"That's some voice you got yourself there," I hear a voice say and my breath hitches in my throat.
"Oh my god, Sorry... I was just... I..." I stutter, pulling my guitar from around my neck quickly and placing it against my locker.
"It's fine, really. You're really good, actually." I turn to find Niall standing there in the doorway and I try my best to force a smile onto my lips.
"What was that, anyway?" He asks as I busy myself in switching on the computers and setting up equipment to hide my embarrassment.
"Something I wrote," I tell him and he grins, nodding approvingly.
"Where are the others?" I ask, noticing him alone.
"They went for breakfast down the road but I didn't feel up to it." He shrugs, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms across his broad chest. 
"Really?" I ask, checking the time. It was quite early, and I knew for a fact I was starving. I hadn't had a chance to eat since I'd come here so early.
"Yeah... well, I am hungry but... I don't want to kick up a fuss. I'm sick of it all," He chuckles deeply and I crease my eyebrows at him.
"You don't like the attention? The screaming girls? The fans? The people that would kiss the floor you walked on?" I ask with a perplexed expression and a slight chuckle, causing him to laugh again.
"Yeah, all that stuff's great... for a while. But it soon gets sickening when I can't even see people I like being around without it being plastered on the magazines, newspapers and internet." He smiles sadly and my stomach rumbles rather loudly.
"Come on, I'll take you out for breakfast." He promises, changing the subject with a wide grin. I hesitate for a few moments before my stomach rumbles again.

"I'm not hungry, but thanks." I lie. Like he said; I didn't want to stir up a fuss.

"Come on, Iri. I bet people all the way in China can hear your stomach right now," He chuckles deeply and as if on cue, it rumbles loudly. I finally agree and run my hands over my hair.

"But we have to be back in time," I remind him as I grab my bag with a smile and follow him out of the door.

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