Wretched Trauma

Avery is an eighteen year old outcast, joining sixth form, for her final year of A Levels, before University. Before she started a new school, she was bullied, both verbally and physically. At her new school, she meets a new outcast, Axel; he's mute. No one knows why he's mute, but nobody cares enough to find out. No one, but Avery. She wants to know everything about him; how it's possible for him to lose his voice; how he became an outcast; but most importantly, he wants to know how to say 'I love you' without a voice. Everyone says love is blind, or maybe it's just silent?


14. 'Your ex digs me, more than she digs you.'

   Before I left, I grabbed my bag from Callum, which contained all of my stuff to sleep over Devon's, and reassured him that I'd be fine. Frasier decided not to ask my why I was crying, he just smiled sadly, and wiped the tears away with his thumbs. 

   Frasier drives us to his place, in some flashy sports car I don't know the brand of. Whatever it is, it's a cherry red colour, and it has leather seats. Anyway, Frasier focuses his attention  on getting me to smile, rather than the road in front of us. He succeeds, and I even end up laughing most of the journey, feeling tipsy off of nothing.

   "Are your parents home?" I giggle, trying to contain myself from his last joke.

   "I think so. I want you to meet them," he tells me, sending me a promising smile.

   My laughter immediately dies, "What?"

   "Don't worry about it, my parents are cool," he laughs at my expression, rubbing my thigh, keeping his other hand on the wheel.

   "Do you have any siblings?" I change the subject, too worried to actually think about meeting his parents.

   I haven't even met Axel's parents. Well, his dad, anyway. I've obviously met Ethan's parents and his twin brother, because they live next door. I've briefly met Devon's family, but they're extremely loud, boisterous, and like to tease. So, I prefer sticking to Ethan's calm, collected family. 

   "Yep, I have three little sisters. One's fourteen, one's eleven, and the other is eight," he explains, pulling up to a large, stately drive. 

   My jaw drops at the sight of his home, including the acres of grass around it. Frasier continues to drive up the lane, around a fountain - yes, a fountain - and doesn't cut the engine. He gets out of the car, and opens my door for me. Then, and I shit you not, a man in a suit takes the drivers seat, and goes to park the car. 

   Oh my God.

   "Y-You live here?" I stutter, straining my neck from looking up at his stately home.

   "Yep, I do. Both of my parents are chief executives, so they can afford to maintain the place. My grandad left it to my dad, in his will, and they also inherited a lot of wealth from relatives," he explains, wrapping his jacket around my shoulders.

   Still shocked, I wander up to the front door, with Frasier slightly in front of me. He pushes the door open, and we step into a room with marble flooring. I guess this is their foyer. It's literally massive, with glass chandeliers, gold skirting boards, and their security cameras are probably encrusted with diamonds or something.

   "This is... Huge," I say, still stunned at the sheer size.

   "Yeah, I know," he chuckles, kissing my forehead lightly.

   I blush, following him through to the next room. It's another foyer, filled with people in suits and black dresses. I'm guessing this is the staff room? God knows, they probably have an underground laboratory. Frasier talks to an older man, with greying hair, and a whiskery moustache. 

   "Do you know where my parents are?" he asks, politely shaking the man's hand.

   "I believe they're in their studies. If not, try the library," the man smiles whole heartedly, and Frasier returns it.

   "Thanks, Ted."

   Okay, let's just... They have staff, personal studies, and a library. I think I'm just going to move in or something seriously. This is that dream house we all imagine when we're six years old. Mine included a stable for unicorns, but other than that, this matches my dream.

   After climbing two flights of stairs, we reach the second floor. Frasier quickly explains how the first floor is mainly kitchens, lounges, drawing rooms, and such. As for the second floor, it's the studies, a library, and a games room. And apparently the top floor is made up of bedrooms and a cinema. He didn't mention the third floor, it's probably staff quarters.

   "Mum! Dad!" Frasier shouts, and two people open different doors, looking extremely worn out.

   "Hey, honey," his assumable mum says, gesturing for a quick hug.

   His assumable dad comes out of his study, joining the small gathering. They exchange brief small talk, but nothing of interest to me. Instead, I study the tall paintings that make up the walls, and the unusual imagery in them. The house has a very Victorian feel to it, yet it's still quite modern.

   "This is Avery, my... friend," Frasier grins, faltering slightly when he doesn't know what to call me.

   His mum has hazel coloured hair, cut into a neat bob. Her eyes are the same coffee as Frasier's, but other than that, they're nothing alike. She's very sharp, dressed in a feminine suit. As for his dad, he's not much like Frasier either, with blond hair and grey eyes.. He has a very masculine appeal, and his suit has been slightly scruffed up, probably from his stressed habits.

   "Hi," I shyly nod, avoiding eye contact.

   "Oh... Um..." his mum looks very disapproving, whereas his dad looks over the moon.

   "No, mum, I swear she's not another fling. Cross my heart," Frasier promises, and his mum's stern look loosens a lot.

   "Good. Hi, Avery, I'm Louise," she smiles, still with a tired etch, and I shake her hand softly.

   "I'm Geoff," his dad then says, and I shake his hand too. 

   Okay, so far so good. Frasier bids them a goodnight, after they compliment my dress, also mentioning how it matches Frasier's white, silk tuxedo. At that, I blush, grinning to myself. Frasier leads me up a few more flights of stairs, and I almost pass out. Somehow, I manage to get to the top floor, and into Frasier's room.

   Let me tell you now, I am not disappointed. A king sized, canopy bed anoints one corner, with dark red drapes and sheets. The wall opposite his bed is entirely glass, like one massive window. Then, he has a desk made from ivory, a matching chair, and an expensive looking lava lamp. A black, leather couch lies next to it, and a loveseat of the same material. Everything is fitted to the theme of ivory, black, and crimson. 

   But the part of the room that grasps my attention, is the wall behind his bed. It's plastered with posters of every single band I've ever liked. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if I paid a visit to his walk in wardrobe, it would be filled with band merchandise.

   "Like the posters, huh?" Frasier whispers, suddenly behind me.

   "I never would've thought... That you..." I say, still gazing at his room in amazement.

   "I get that a lot," he laughs, slipping his arms around my waist from behind.

   "So..." I swallow, trying not to get too carried away, "Where am I sleeping?"

   "We can share my bed," he says, with a husky voice, but it soon changes, "Or I can sleep on the sofa. I don't mind."

   Somehow, I get a wave of confidence, and decide to go for it, "I think sharing your bed sounds like a good idea."

   "Just the answer I was looking for," he smirks, pressing his lips against my bare shoulder.

   I tilt my head to the side, giving him better access to my neck. He turns me around, so that I'm facing him, and he works his way up to my lips. I immediately respond to the kiss, my hands resting on the nape of his neck. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, Axel's voice is screaming at me to stop, and go find him. However, there's another voice, at the front of my mind, encouraging me to see Frasier shirtless.

   "You're so hot," Frasier groans, letting me kiss his jaw.

   In that instant, Axel would've called me beautiful- stop. Stop thinking about him, Avery

   Ignoring my conscience, I continue to kiss his neck, as he pulls his tie off, along with his blazer. Trying to get thoughts of Axel out of my head, I unbutton his shirt, slipping it off of his shoulders. To my surprise, he has a few tattoos on his arms, and a tattoo of a gun on his hip. Axel said he wanted a tattoo on his back, saying- stop.

   "I didn't know you have tattoos," I say, tracing one of them with my fingertips.

   "Mmh, not many people do," he says, his hands slipping down past my back.

   We continue the kiss, but I don't feel anything. Just a dull numbness. Even with that thought in my mind, I push him back onto his bed, running my hands over his abs. Axel's a lot slimmer, and far less muscular- God dammit Avery, shut up about Axel.

   We carry on like that for a while, until he reaches for the zip on my dress. Something clicks inside of me, and I stop him. Of course, he apologises, making me feel bad for stopping him. Well, I don't plan to do the do a few hours after properly meeting him. Yes, I said do the do. 

   "Um, so you know Axel's not mute," I say, trying to stop the awkwardness from swallowing us whole.

   "I know a lot of things about Axel," he mumbles, sitting beside me, on the edge of his bed.

   "Like what?" I ask, daring to look at him for a moment.

   "Things he has yet to tell you," he gravely explains, and in the back of my mind, I hear Axel saying 'curiosity killed the cat'.

   "I think we can keep it a secret," I add a little smile, hoping to persuade him.

   "It's kinda a long story," Frasier shrugs, trying to avoid the point.

   "You can tell me," I smile sweetly, my hand finding itself on his thigh.

   "Okay, but no interrupting," he smiles back, so I nod encouragingly, "Well, I guess you should know Axel and I-"

   At that moment, the door flung open, an out of breath Axel stood in the frame. His suit is slightly messed up, but not too much. His hair is swept back, molded by the wind and his cheeks are flushed a dark pink colour.

   "You promised you wouldn't tell her," Axel says, clutching his ribs for air.

   "I'm not a fan of lying to my girlfriend," Frasier bites back, cocking an eyebrow, not even surprised by seeing Axel.

   "I'm not lying!" Axel whines, stepping into the room.

   "I'm not lying," Frasier mocks, causing me to roll my eyes.

   For a while, they continue to argue, just like siblings. My gaze falls onto Axel, and how exhausted he really looks. I don't mean the temporary exhaustion of running here, but he looks mentally drained. It's as if someone sucked the life out of him. Who knew someone could change so much in a week?

   "She deserves to know, Asleiker," Frasier says in a dangerously low tone.

   "It's not your place to tell!" Axel shouts, his fists clenching by his sides, "And why the fuck are you shirtless?!" 

   "Your ex digs me more than she digs you," he winks, and Axel grinds his teeth, as I awkwardly look away.

   "What's the problem here?" Frasier's mum, Louise asks, poking her head around the door.

   Axel freezes, his eyes widening. His shoulders look stiff, and his jaw drops ever so slightly. However, he continues to stare at Frasier, not daring to turn around. Confused, I turn to Frasier for an explanation, but he's too busy staring right back at Axel.

   "Axel?" Louise gasps.

   "Hi, mum," he quietly replies.

   God dammit I just want to get through one chapter without a stupid plot twist. 


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