Wretched Trauma

Avery is an eighteen year old outcast, joining sixth form, for her final year of A Levels, before University. Before she started a new school, she was bullied, both verbally and physically. At her new school, she meets a new outcast, Axel; he's mute. No one knows why he's mute, but nobody cares enough to find out. No one, but Avery. She wants to know everything about him; how it's possible for him to lose his voice; how he became an outcast; but most importantly, he wants to know how to say 'I love you' without a voice. Everyone says love is blind, or maybe it's just silent?


9. 'Tell me why you told everyone you're mute.'

   By 'warm up', he meant sit in Ethan's car with the heating turned up, having a bit of a make out session. I am not complaining, believe me. He's very, very good at kissing, much to my enjoyment. I'll leave it at that, before it gets R-Rated.

   "Just tell me if you want to go home," Axel quietly tells me, between kissing my jaw.

   "Mmh, that's going to be a while," I mumble, nipping his ear lobe.

   Laughing under his breath, he moves me so I'm straddling his lap. Yes, we're probably rushing into something we shouldn't, but right now, I couldn't care less. Subconsciously, he tangles his fingers into my hair, tugging on it, so that he has better access to my neck. I bite down on my lip, to stop myself from letting out a groan, as he continues further down my neck.

   "Avery, you can tell me to stop," he whispers, after leaving a hickey somewhere on my throat.

   "I know," I reply, unable to open my eyes, in case I suddenly wake up. 

   He pulls away from my neck, running his thumb over the sensitive spot he left behind, "Open your eyes, Angel."

   Pressing my lips together, I shake my head, feeling suddenly embarrassed.

   "C'mon, Baby, please," he begs, his nose touching mine.

   Awkwardly, I open my eyes, and let out a sudden scream. Just outside, there's a human-shaped silhouette, but it's out of Axel's view. It looks like a man, tall, broad, and sinister.

   "What? What's wrong?" he looks in the direction, of where I'm looking, "Avery, what's wrong?"

   "There's a-a man, r-right there!" I point at the window, on the verge of hyperventilating.

   "There's nothing there," he replies, looking again.

   "Yes, yes there is! Right there!" I continue pointing, really hoping the man can't see us.

   Very ungracefully, I climb back over to my seat, telling Axel to drive. He ignores me, and opens the door next to him, getting out. Wow, well done Axel, I say there's a man there; escape? Nope, let's just investigate it and get murdered. It's totally okay. I scream into my sleeve, frustrated that I never took into consideration how to drive. If I live, that's the first thing I'm going to do.

   "There's no one out here, except for me. You're just seeing things," he tells me, getting back in the car, but his voice cracks.

   I frown, knowing I had definitely seen someone there, "Can we go somewhere else anyway? Please?" I ask, a shiver running down my spine.

   "Sure," he smiles, twisting the keys in the ignition. 

   He pulls out of the car park, and it's about 10pm. I don't really have a curfew, from my many years of being a good girl. It pays off, believe me.

   "I swear there was someone there..." I murmur, scowling at myself.

   "It was probably just the lack of light, or something, but don't worry about it, okay?" he sends me a quick smile, but it's not convincing at all.

   Whatever I saw, I just want to forget it. Honestly, it probably was a trick of the light, but I'm too stubborn to admit that. For some reason, there's something tugging at the back of my mind, telling me it wasn't a trick of the light. It was just too real. Then again, if it was a person, they were probably just walking by, or paused for one reason or another. No one's out to get me, I'm safe. 

   "You hungry?" he breaks my inner debate, glancing over at me. 

   "Uh, sure," I nod, not wanting to go home yet. 

   "Great," he flashes a cute smile, taking a left turn. 

   Inaudibly sighing, I go back to thinking. Would anyone be out to get me? I suppose I'm not the most popular person in my school, but I doubt anyone would do something like that. I swear the man (assumably male, by size and posture), was looking directly at us. Maybe he was just some pervert, getting joy out of watching two teens kiss. 

   "Don't work yourself up over it, okay? There was no one there, you're safe, I promise," gently, he puts a hand on my thigh.

   "Yeah," I meekly reply, frowning at my reflection in the window. 

    Axel sighs; I clearly didn't convince him well enough. Instead of talking about it, we just let it go. I can tell he's trying to forget it even happened, but as for me, I can't stop thinking about it. There's too many conspiracies behind what it was. Ethan, playing a stupid prank? A random person who just stopped there? A pervert? I don't know! 

   "We're here," Axel says, and I blink, realising we've stopped.

   "Right, sorry," I reply, still making no move to get out of the car. 

   "If you keep thinking about it, I'll sit on you," he tells me, with mock seriousness.

   Unable to keep a straight face, I burst out laughing, making him smile brightly. God, that smile...

   "Good. Now, let's go eat, or I will sit on you," he calls out, leaving the car. 

   Shaking my head in amusement, I follow his lead, taking his hand in mine. We walk into the café, talking about anything other than the previous incident. As soon as the door closes behind us, he falls silent. Frowning, I look at him, only to see Frasier and his new girlfriend. Of course the popular douche would be here. 

   With saddened eyes, he mouths 'sorry' to me, but I just nod my head in understanding. I keep forgetting Axel's supposedly mute. I'd also like to know why. I'll ask once we're seated.

   Once again, despite my protests, Axel pays for our food, sticking his tongue out at me. I roll my eyes at him, as we take a seat. We aimed to be as far away from Frasier and his girlfriend as possible, but it ended up not being very far. In fact, our tables are next to each other. Oh, joyous times. Note the sarcasm.

   "Hey, Avery," Frasier smiles at me, giving me a small wave, "Axel," he nods towards Axel.

   "Um... Hi..." I reply, my eyebrows raising slightly. 

    "How's your evening been?" he asks conversationally, his girlfriend smiling at us.

   "It's been good. You?" I return, trying to keep it short.

   "Good to hear, and we've been well too," okay why the fuck is he telling me?

   "Um... Any particular reason you're not verbally abusing us, or are you stoned?" I put it simply, earning a snort from Axel.

   "I'm not mindless. I don't have to treat you as less of a person, just because my friends do," he explains, his brown eyes appearing dull in the dim light.

   "You started it!" I raise my voice slightly.

   "Whatever," he waves us off, and I huff in frustration. 

   I flip him off, as they leave. Well, at least they're gone, right? Of course, out of all seven days, they had to be here tonight. Ugh. They're leaving, it doesn't matter anymore. Just get over it, Avery. Nothing important. 

   "You alright?" Axel asks, cocking his eyebrow.

   "Yeah... I'm fine... Tell me why you told everyone you're mute," I quickly change the subject, to get the answer I want.

   "My mum," some low mumbling I can't understand, "Then I couldn't," incoherent words, "So I told everyone," 'kay, I don't know what the hell he is saying.

    "Axel, you're mumbling, I can't hear you," I tell him, placing my hand on top of his.

    "Sorry," he sheepishly grins, and starts again, "My mum died when I was fourteen. Or, at least that's what I have been told, but I know she just went missing. It's been so long, they've declared her as late. It shocked me, to know that your mum has either been abducted, or just left you. Because of the shock, I stopped speaking. About a year later, I got my voice back, but I thought it was easier to stay quiet..." he trails off, looking up from our intertwined fingers, to meet my eyes.

   "Oh, Axel, I'm so sorry," I give his hand a tight squeeze, letting him know I'm here for him, "At least you still have your dad," I reassure him.

   "Yeah... My dad..." he nods, just once, giving me the least convincing smile ever.

    What's that supposed to mean?

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